Saturday, August 25, 2012

Where do ADOM fans lurk?

I really have been wondering about that question as day by day during the ADOM crowd funding campaign true ADOM fans (playing the game very frequently) show up stating: "Hey, I didn't even now that there is a crowd funding campaign running!". Which is frightening to me as we might have gathered so much more donations had we reached those people that ADOM's future already might be secure for many years to come.

So to improve on this I'd like to collect all the places where you know ADOM fans to be spending time and writing / reading stuff. Once the list is somewhat stable I'll add an extra page to this site to have a permanent page collecting the locations.

Off hands I can think of the following places:

The original newsgroup: ( probably also makes sense)

My official ADOM forums.

The ADOM Wikipedia page (also in German).

The official ADOM blog.


Temple of the Roguelike and specifically it forums for the big roguelikelikes and announcements.

As I'm not much of an IRC user there are probably IRC channels that are important. And probably many more message boards... and who knows what else. As I'm a bit in a hurry this morning I probably also forgot a few other places I frequent ;-) Let me know what else you can think of! No matter how large or small the location might be...


  1. As someone else suggested, you should add the campaign teaser to the front page of (might be a bit late tough). :)

  2. Andy Williams' ADOM Pages. Even when I had absolutely no involvement in the ADOM community for like 5 years, I still had that page bookmarked. It's useful for every time you need to see "hey, what does eating this corpse do when I eat it again?" or other reminders. If you talked to Andy and got him to advertise your campaign on his website, I'm sure you'd get a lot of ADOM fans who long sense stopped checking for updates.

  3. There are lots of YouTube video and play lists the play ADOM.



  4. Absolutely Andy williams ADOM Pages. My opinion is the same as Johns above, I would usually check his website more often than this one.

  5. Anyone have the contact data of Any? Send me a note to creator(at)

  6. Slashdot? It doesn't have much adom discussion per se, but the traffic must have loads of past/present players.

  7. Maybe Something Awful? I know they play a lot of Crawl over there - not sure about ADOM...