Monday, August 20, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: stretch goals between $50,000 and $100,000

Now that we have entered the final count down of the ADOM: The Resurrection crowd funding campaign I'd like to explain all defined stretch goals and give you a brief look into my line of reasoning.

(kudos to Krys for this new awesome piece of art... he's doing such brilliant stuff - you want to reach the $55,000 stretch goal, believe me, as that would allow Krys to work for months on awesome artwork!)

At $48,000 we just will have reached the minimum funding goal. If we don't get there all is lost, all the money is returned to the donors and the future for ADOM Classic looks pretty bleak. So please keep the excitement up and tell more people about the last 10 days of the campaign (and don't wait too long - the occasional technical problem we had so far doesn't give me a good feeling about the final days ;-) ).

At $50,000 Jochen, Zeno and I will be doing a basic NotEye integration in ADOM. This will be sufficient to allow the community to define their custom tile sets but we won't be able to provide one by ourselves.

At $55,000 I will be able to pay Krys (our artist) for six months or more (adding part of the basic art budget from the basic funding goal) in order to produce a totally awesome and beautiful tile set to make ADOM Classic the most beautiful roguelike game ever created.

At $60,000 we will add ratlings and mist elves as new races as well as duelists and chaos knights as new classes. This stretch goal will cash in on ancient promises I gave lo so many years ago.

At $65,000 we will create a Steam version of ADOM - the ADOM Deluxe promised so long ago (EDIT: And we'd try to do our best to also support other platforms like Gamersgate and Desudura). Every donor of $50 or above (and all who pledged for the ADOM Lite RPG) will receive a free license for ADOM Deluxe. ADOM Deluxe will add a more detailed character generation process, restorable save files, challenge games and some other neat details for paying customers. Why paying customers you might ask? Because it's all about a sustainable lifecycle model for ADOM. As has become clear from the campaign we'll be able to fund some ADOM development - but we still are looking for a sustainable model. I believe that with the addition of tiles and audio tracks ADOM has all the potetial to become a tiny mainstream success - and that's why I have defined this stretch goal despite other voices from my call for votes to the right of this blog. Because I believe that this might be the one chance to earn some continuous income from a much larger audience which in turn would allow the continuous financing of the free version of ADOM as well as the commercial Deluxe version. So it's a gamble but it seems to be a good one to me.

At $70,000 we will be adding achievement systems and global highscores - again extending the ideas behind the $65,000 level.

At $75,000 we finally get to the vote results to the right. A special and long volcanoe quest will be added to the game. Just a boring variation of the tower of flames you might think? By far not, be assured!

At $80,000 a new extensive quest regarding Rolf (you know him?) will be added. It will offer quite a number of new levels, challenges, monsters and items and will answer some of the unanswered mysteries of ADOM.

At $85,000 we will add two more new quests.

At $90,000 we will add three more new quests.

At $95,000 we will add four more new quests (for a total of 11 new quests by now).

At $100,000 we will produce the ADOM Lite RPG in full cover and distribute the upgraded version to everyone who pledged for it for free.

Additionally the initial pledge levels at $55,000, $60,000, $65,000 and $70,000 each will upgrade the quality of the music included with the game.

So that's what I got. I hope that you like some of the ideas even if I again decided to not totally comply with majority votes. But I believe this order to be the best for the game. Now let's just hope that some rich person picks up the $50,000 level (warning: I have learned that this probably won't work directly through Indiegogo - it seems that you need to contact them and arrange some kind of bank transfer... don't ask why I learned that ;-) But you don't want to wait until the last moment if you are either a very rich or a very generous person ;-) ).




  1. My friends would hate that but.. add an ultimate nihilist ending (google it) at 55.000$ !

    1. LOL, I love that. Ok, I here and now promise: If we make the $55,000 I'll also add the ultimate nihilist ending ;-)

  2. I...would strongly suggest reaching out to include platforms/services other than just Steam for the ADOM Deluxe project---Gamersgate and Desura at the very least certainly have an audiences and a fair track record of being Indie-friendly. There are many cases where projects have been refused by Steam initially and only made it on there at a later date after having successfully been selling on Desura, GG, and the few others.

    Otherwise seems solid although the gap between 80k and 100K being rather vague versus the listings for 80k, 75k, and all the rest---can't imagine it not being helpful if you could drop more hints on those to help build expectations.

    Full color for ADOM Lite at 100k? And will it just be physical or also a spiffy .PDF or some other digital method?

    1. Only print as I really intend this campaign the only period in time ever that will allow you to get your hands onto physical copies of the ADOM Lite RPG. Ever. Making it truly limited. So physical full color.

      Interesting that you call it "just physical" as I personally never fell in love with RPG PDF products and totally prefer actual paper :-) I guess I'm transforming into a dinosaur ;-)

    2. Concerning the levels over $75,000 - I actually would have to think more about the new quests but my idea here really would be to involve the community into brain storming ideas for story lines they'd like to see most in ADOM and then come up with interesting new quests regarding them. And only if the community doesn't have any suggestions at all, I'll totally invent them on my own.

    3. Regarding other platforms... you are totally right. I'll add that.

    4. Heh, well I say "just physical" from my preservationist tendencies, gotta think long term when protecting culture---that and I'd have a hard time imagining at least some of the recipients not firing up a scanner to the max and having at it while keeping their own super-physically limited edition locked up tight or on a display case.

    5. Yay for community involvement! Though I'd maybe suggest changing some of the extra quests to extra races/classes, as a lot of people like those too.

      I think ADOM on Steam is somewhat wishful thinking - it's a fairly exclusive platform. Strong community voices on their new Greenlight initiative may help though.

      Past $42k now! Only $6k left! I must say I never truly believed this would actually happen. Astounding!

  3. I really hope we can get to $65000 cause i would love adom in steam.

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