Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 37 hours and $1,078 to get some steam! (stretch goal #4)

Hi everyone!

So the final hours finally have begun and its less than 37 hours till the end of the ADOM crowd funding campaign (37 - my magic number :-) ). Currently $1,078 are missing to get us trying to have ADOM Deluxe on Steam, Gamersgate and Desura (and maybe others), the pace again has trickled down quite a bit but I'm more than happy as we achieved so much more than I ever expected - so this will be a glorious end in any case.

Two exciting things have happened:

One of the legend level donors - Andriy - just promised that he will donate $2,500 if the pledge level reaches $67,500 (see the image below with my marker). Now I wouldn't ever hold Andriy responsible for that promise but seeing that he is a legend level donor he surely is someone to be taken very seriously. Which raises the interesting question: Do we manage the $67,500? Because then we might have a pretty serious chance of getting to $70,000 - stretch goal #5 - which means an achievement system and global highscores :-) Exciting times. And try to see it like this: We'd need less than $97 per remaining hour to get there. Truly exciting times :-)

I'm still betting on making stretch goal #4 and then the work will start... this probably is one of my last posts here before the end of the campaign... as I'm watching exhausted and elated.

BTW, as the mini quest quest is running I'm happy to state that we actually scored one new mini quest. I'm not sure why I reported something different earlier but the latest fund balance from Indiegogo indicates that we scored $1,455 (easily surpassing the required $1,000 on August, 26th), $1,890 (sadly failing the required $2,000 on August 27th by a slight margin) and $3,269 (again failing the required $4,000 on August, 28th by a little more).

So here's the deal I offer as the hopefully second exciting thing to happen:

If we make the $67,500 and if Andriy really meant his promise seriously I'll add the two missed mini quests for free as we both times had amazing pledge levels and missed by only a little bit - and I will add a third one just for the sake of it! So that's the final and ultimate chance to procure more free content from the campaign. Wanna try your luck or get others to pledge? And you probably need to act fast as Andriy might need time to act, too :-)


P.S.: Sorry, Andriy, but that was just to tempting not to mention ;-) And if you don't do it I won't hold it against you - you already have pledged so much as a legend (and beyond) that I'm close to being totally ashamed :-)


  1. Don't forget it doesn't have to stop at $70000 :)

  2. I think Thomas should make some NPC or monster with a name that is an anagram of Andriy if he goes through with the donation.

    1. I agree. Andriy is a hell of a contributor.

    2. Don't forget the other two anonymous $1,000 contributors. They deserve tons of praise as well.

    3. I think everyone who put money towards reviving ADOM should be praised. Just because a few were able to contribute a bit more then the rest doesn't mean the others are any less deserving. Without the majority of contributors this wouldn't be a reality.

      Having said that, I do think Andriy's offer is very generous and thank him for the efforts.

  3. Maybe somehow related to the miniquests he'll be responsible for adding?

  4. Any thoughts as to how much you'll be charging?

  5. Tell you what Thomas lets play a little game with the community (Assuming Andriy's offer is valid). If he will do the same offer if we reach $70,000 before the deadline and he is still willing to put up the $2,500, I will match it and get us to the next stretch goal for the volcano quests.