Friday, August 31, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: The finest hour has dawned...

Greetings everyone!

The last 24 hours of the ADOM crowd funding campaign have been nothing but a totally dreamy awesome superduper amazing campaignfest... we stormed five (!!!) stretch goals in a row unlocking everything from #4 to #8, made ADOM the most successful computer gaming project on Indiegogo ever (by a far margin) and now have something like 35 minutes to even make it the most successful gaming project ever and unlock stretch goal #9: three more epic community quests!!! If we make that, too I'll add in another free one map mini quest as the topping!

So in short summary (more later on when I manage to catch breath): Stretch goal #8 (two more epic community quests) has been unlocked during the night and we are in to the final race about stretch goal #9 and becoming the most successful gaming project ever on Indiegogo!

Is there enough air for yet another surprise?

(yes, we know that the +4 in the image is wrong - we right now only are at the +2 pledge level but as we never thought we'd get that far we didn't prepare an appropriate image ;-) )


  1. wasn't there supposed to be something like a new miniquest for $16k on the last day?

    BTW, congratulations on a very successful campaign, Thomas!

  2. What an awe-inspiring journey this have been. The droplets have accumulated into a strong torrent of dreamy wonder!

  3. I guess when you make the most addictive game of all time people will give you money. Kinda like tobacco.... LOL

  4. Aaand results are in... and we have just narrowly passed 90000 and three more quests :)

  5. wicked. and you know what it calls for...

    1. Sacrificing a population of small village to the GoDs Of ChAoS?

    2. "1666 Funders" wouldn't argue with that, surely :D
      seems like Andor is sending another message