Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Important issue regarding pledge upgrades :-^

I just received a question regarding the ADOM crowd funding campaign that really got me shuddering nervously... concerning pledge upgrades. It was brought to my attention that the instructions about upgrading might be misunderstandable. This issue only must concern you if you contacted me to as described to upgrade your pledge level. If you did not mail me to upgrade a pledge and/or don't paln to do so this posting is not for you!

Let me explain the potential misunderstanding with an example following the instructions under the link given above.


You already pledged $40 and intend to upgrade to $100.

Following the instructions given under the link above the correct way to upgrade is:
  1. Send an email to creator(at) Your mail should have the title "ADOM pledge level upgrade" and contain the name under which you pledged and the upgrade you want to do. So far everyone seems to have done the right thing here!
  2. After sending the mail simply go to Indiegogo and pledge without selecting any pledge level (the last option in the list). Enter the same information as when you first pledged and enter the additional pledge amount. Here is where the problem might occur... it would be correct to enter the extra amount of $60 (the difference between the old pledge level of $40 and the new target pledge level of $100). It would be wrong to enter $100 - as that would cause you to pledge a total of $140!
  3. Soon after receiving your mail I will confirm both it and the new pledge and note down the higher level you desire. 
  4. After the campaign ends successfully you will be rated at the final level you achieved.
Luckily there have been less than 40 upgrades so far and many of the email texts sent seem to indicate that the upgraders did the right thing. I hope that we did't have any or too many misunderstandings - it would be a shame at this point :-(

Also luckily most upgrades were moderate amounts and even if all of them had been incorrect we'd be able to sort it out afterwards - there just doesn't seem to be a way to do this during the campaign.

As a result: If you believe that you have made a mistake upgrading your pledge please email me once more with an email title of "ADOM pledge upgrade mistake" and try to explain the mistake. We'll sort it out and I'll refund the mispledged amount completely (which can be reconstructed from the actually submitted pledges and mail texts).

Man, that question really rattled me. Hopefully there is no serious problem. That's what you get for using a platform that doesn't officially support pledge upgrades :-(


  1. >"You already pledged $40 and intend to upgrade to $100."
    >"It would be wrong to enter $100 - as that would cause you to pledge a total of $160!"

    A total of 140$ actually. 160$ would have happened if the initial pledge was 60$. Posting late at night, eh? :P

    1. Oops. Yes. And thanks. But luckily nobody seems to have been affected... *sigh of relief*