Saturday, August 25, 2012

ADOM stretch goal #2 unlocked: Awesome tile set for ADOM & ADOM II

Hoodyhoo! We just passed $55,000 on the final yards towards the end of the ADOM crowd funding campaign - which means that our artist, Krys, now is going to spend several months of his life working on the most beautiful tile set imaginable, to be used in both ADOM and as a foundation for the tile support in ADOM II (man, now I'm going to program tile support into ADOM II - never thought that would happen :-) - but love it!)

The next goal now is the $60,000 level which will unlock mist elves and ratlings as new races. Additionally you will get chaos knights and duelists as new professions... all of which means that these additions also will find their way into ADOM II if we reach them!

And - on the slim chance that this awesome dream manages to come that far - the $65,000 and $70,000 levels will unlock ADOM Deluxe (with free licenses for all donors or the $40 and above levels) for mainstream gaming sites like Steam, Desura and Gamersgate... and eventually will add an achievement system to ADOM as well as global highscore servers!

I'm really curious how this campaign still will manage to go as it already now has surpassed all my expectations... I can only repeat myself: You are the most awesome!!!


  1. This is awesome. The only thing I've ever wanted for ADoM, other than the bug fixes, are tiles. I didn't think you'd make the $55,000 when things slowed down for a while, but I'm psyched.

    One question: Will the tiles be interchangeable so that unofficial tile sets can be made? If so, I will probably make one. Anyways, congratulations, this made my day.

  2. Interchangeability should be possible - already the $50,000 level integration of NotEye allows for custom made tile sets. So you basically can choose your favorite tiles and thus everybody can try his luck.