Saturday, August 18, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 13 days and $10,023 to go...

Friday, 17th, was yet another good day for the ADOM crowd funding campaign... another $1,071 were donated which - due to the still running power pledge drive artifacts - nets another two artifacts and two more normal items! We now are getting to the closing line - $771 per day is the minimum to be donated to make the campaign a success (otherwise everything is lost!) and to be able to enjoy a beautiful tiled version of ADOM we need a total of $17,023 - tough but not impossible as it amount to $1,309.46 per day (for the past four days we have been close to that!)... so imagine... we might be able to get to the point where both ADOM and ADOM II will be able to sport beautiful tiles (as I would also use the tile set in ADOM II and - having to chance to use such a beautiful tile set - would set out to finish the UI abstraction for tiles in ADOM II). The final days will be interesting as the most striking answers will be unveiled:

  • Will the ADOM crowd funding campaign be a resounding success or a total failure?
  • Will ADOM and ADOM II receive beautiful tile sets?
  • Will we by lucky chance even manage to surpass those goals and get more quests, a full-color RPG, new races and classes and much more? (I so far didn't dare to put up even more stretch goals as we have way to go - do you want to see my proposals for higher goals?).
Keep it coming, folks, the ADOM renaissance is near!


  1. Interesting things ive just noticed(after few minutes of browsing other top funding campaigns):
    If we manage to reach success,it would be 2nd most funding indiegogo gaming campaign of all time !

    $89,849 to tie 1st place which beeing realistic is beyond our access

    Even at this stage its 4th which is great succcess imo

    Good luck :D

  2. Will "the release of the ADOM source code as open source" be added to the goals?

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  4. Go ahead with stretch goals enhancements and additions---no time like the present as we're at the end of the campaign and there's no telling what might add some motivation that might not otherwise be there to help propel things that much more forward.

    Leave no stone unturned---there need be no mysteries about this funding initiative.