Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 10 days and $5,873 to go...

Another record in the end race towards the finish line of the ADOM crowd funding campaign: since my previous update folks from the most awesome community in the world have pledged another $2,841!!! Totally fricking awesome... keep it coming... we are so close to a goal of which so many people thought it would be impossible to reach and now it really just seems to be a matter of time - at least I pray for that!

So now we have to meet $587,30 per day to reach the basic funding goal and if we manage to collect $1,287.30 per remaining day ADOM will receive the most awesome tile set ever! Don't ask me about dreaming of an ADOM version for major gaming platforms and sustained development at $65,000 ;-) Ok, now I'm getting megalomaniac... let's meet the campaign goal and have a great virtual party!

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