Sunday, March 10, 2019

The ADOM RPG website has been hacked

Please avoid it. It's redirecting to scamming sites. We are working of fixing this.

Update 10th of March 2019, 1:43pm, GMT+1: is back and safe again. If you registered there, please change your password. None of our other sites have been affected as far as we know (and they don't exchange data). seems to be under attack from Russia right now, though, too.

Monday, February 11, 2019

The ADOM RPG Kickstarter ends in less than 48 hours!

It's less than 48 hours to jump onto the ADOM RPG Kickstarter bandwagon. Having been funded on day 1 we also managed to unlock lots of new graphics for both rulebooks, 16 additional pages of Ancardian randomness to unleash upon the players and a Game Master screen (and we are close to unlocking the very first adventure). Additionally we managed to get famous RPG legends like Ed Greenwood (the inventor of the Forgotten Realms) and James M. Ward (the mastermind behind Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma world) to write short stories about Ancardia, the home of ADOM!

Now or never is the time to support us in order to unlock more stretch goals!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Big Release Day: ADOM 3.3.3 has been released everywhere!

Hi everyone!

While we are happily running our ADOM RPG Kickstarter we as proudly would like to announce the general availability of ADOM 3.3.3 everywhere:
For all fans of the public version: There were many changes and tweaks in the past year. If you want to catch up check out all the changes listed in our change log since version 3.0.6. For everyone else: ADOM 3.3.3 just fixes two bugs found in ADOM 3.3.2 and adds a temporary reminder for our ADOM Kickstarter campaign (sorry for the extra click - but small indie publishers need all the attention they can get and we truly value your love and support).

As for the Kickstarter:
  • We have been funded on day 1.
  • We have unlocked stretch goals 1 (10 more pieces of art for the Player's Handbook), stretch goal 2 (10 more pieces of art for the Game Master's Guide) and stretch goal 3 (16 more pages of random Ancardian goodness for the Gamemaster's Guide). And now we are close to unlocking stretch goal 4 (the GM screen). Next after that are adventures and tons of background stuff about Ancardia.
  • We are working on some good news related to print-at-cost. Stay tuned - hopefully we will have great news within two to three days.
  • Help us to make ADOM RPG the best OSR RPG ever created!
And now: Happy hacking!

Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM