Sunday, January 29, 2017

Broken arm update

Hi everyone!

Just a brief update (because I'm still typing with a single hand) to my accident:
  • Surgery for now is over. Although I now have a part-titanium arm with more screws than a T-1000.
  • The fracture has been pretty bad (every doctor who looked at the initial x-ray said something like "dear lord!"). My arm/hand will be 1.5-2 inches shorter for the rest of my life.
  • I still can't use my left hand for anything more complicated than flipping a page. The fingers are still too thick for my tastes, I can' t turn my hand upwards or bend it decently. Fingers still are somewhat swollen, joints hurt. Given it's been almost six weeks since surgery I am highly concerned by now but both the doctors and therapists tell me that this is normal given the rather severe fracture I had.
  • I'm getting therapy right now but things have been improving very slowly.
  • I got a CT last year and - while the bones are healing - the doctor estimated another six weeks before they really are firmly reconnected.
  • My guess is that it will be March before I slowly can restart my programming work - which is highly frustrating as I had intended to start the year with a big announcement. The big announcement still is very likely to come but it will be March at best now because I simply can't work. (and it is truly a big, exciting and overwhelming positive announcement - quite mind-blowing... which frustrates me as it makes no sense to talk about it right now).
Currently I spent my days with a very limited set of activities:
  • Re-training my left hand.
  • Watching Netflix & stuff.
  • Reading.
  • Visiting doctors.
  • I am studying news trying to get a feeling for a world with a president Trump.
Regarding Team ADOM:
  • Krys, Jochen and Zeno are working on animated sprites (yeah, slightly moving monsters).
  • Lucas is composing more stuff.
  • We all have been discussing the big announcement and what follows from it.
  • Wave 1 has been shipped.
  • A single package was returned to me due to insufficient postage (which is weird in two regards: It was one of three packages to St. Petersburg, Russia and the other two were not returned - and the postage fee is the same for the whole world).
  • Packages so far seem to have taken anything between two days and six weeks or more to arrive.
  • After wave 1 at least another 79 people have confirmed there shipping addresses.
  • Due to my inability to do almost anything in the shipping process wave probably will be delayed until March. This is very frustrating for since all the stuff is standing here but filtering the lists, confirmation mails, etc. requires some programming and I just can't do it right now.
  • Before shipping wave 2 an email will be sent to everyone in wave 1 to see if packages got lost.
I'll post an update as soon as there is any helpful progress. While there are no updates please just assume that we are trying hard to make meaningful progress.

Thanks for listening. Wish me luck with the recovery process - I can use every bit of good fortune right now. Here are some closing pics of my new self: