Monday, July 20, 2015

ADOM R59 available as a public release

Directly on the heels of ADOM R58 (version 1.15.0) follows ADOM R59 (version 1.15.1).

We messed up the public release by introducing a bug due to an incomplete deactivation of the achievements system. This bug has been fixed and you now are free to go and play ADOM R59 with its awesome slew of new features!

For prerelease testers and Steam beta users nothing has been changed as the bug only applied to the public version (so you can and will continue to play R58 for the time being).

Find all the details in yesterdays post and enjoy the game. IndieDB has been updated first and all the other sources will be up to date within 24 hours (so many binaries to upload - we need to rethink our strategy there ;-) ). And here's the shortest change log ever ;-) Let us know what you think!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

ADOM R58 is available now... for everyone!

Team ADOM is very happy to announce the release of ADOM R58 (version 1.15.0). This release is a very peculiar release in many respects:

  • On one hand it's not that big as far as changes go. We are still fine-tuning some annoying issues we want to get rid off before the Steam release and which are very hard to fix.
  • On the other hand it's our biggest release ever: Jochen built 59 (!!!) different binary versions for both Steam and the public. This probably makes ADOM the most flexible roguelike game ever as far as platform support goes!
  • Additionally it's our first public release since ADOM 1.2.0p23 (released on the 10th of May 2014 - more than a year ago). The amount of changes since then is mind-blowing - expect a very different and quite advanced game if you remember that old version: We have fixed hundreds of bugs and added at least as many exciting new details and feature - too many to recount here.
  • It's ask the first release with two versions: the Deluxe version for prerelease testers and Steam beta program members on one hand and the Non-Deluxe public version. We are very curious for the reactions to the public version as source code management has become quite difficult and we hopefully didn't introduce any major problems here.
  • Oh, and if you wonder about the difference between Deluxe and Non-Deluxe: Visit the new (well, kind of) of ADOM home page. It explains the differences and at some point we will do a version comparison chart.
ADOM is available from several sources:

  • Prerelease testers can download it from the usual location.
  • If you have a Steam access key the latest version will be updated automatically.
  • We have provided download torrents for the various public versions.
  • Very soon it will also be available from IndieDB (uploads running right now; they should be available in a couple of hours at most).
While we for the moment have lost some speed due town extremely busy real life (I never worked as much as this year), yet another tragedy on team ADOM and high quality ambitions we still are on track. I've also been wrestling with the final editing of ADOM RPG (finally, it's long overdue).

More updates to come... now play the game and provide feedback :-) !

Thomas & Team ADOM