Thursday, August 31, 2017

Final roll call: Physical ADOM crowdfunding rewards need your address

Dear donors of the ADOM crowdfunding campaign,

the final shipment of all remaining physical rewards is due in the very near future (e.g. beginning at the weekend). Still a couple of dozen people did not provide a shipping address.

This is the final call for submitting your address! Please go to
and log in there as described in order to provide your address!

Not doing so within the next 48 hours probably will result in your physical rewards being delayed for another year or two at least as I now finally want to get over with this and can send only so many reminders (at least two dozen reminders during the past two years). Without a confirmed address I will have to assume that you have moved on and no longer care for ADOM - which would be very sad.

Act now!

Thomas Biskup

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Physical crowdfunding rewards, revised talent screen and more

Hi everyone!

After I spent a week vacationing in the USA (visiting GEN CON 50 both for fun and to meet some legendary RPG personalities... the latter being related to ADOM activities that probably will be announced at the next Roguelike Celebration in San Francisco) I'd quickly like to get you all updated on what's been going on behind the scenes (and my inability to get the video below uploaded for more than a week due to strange problems with my iPhone delayed all this).

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Quick hints & quest dialogs

Hi everyone!

While we continue working on the next release busily I'd like to demonstrate a few things that have been added since my last report:
  • ADOM now has quest dialogs to make it harder to miss new quests. (Additionally - but not shown in the video below - the quests have been made somewhat more extensive in their descriptions and the quest status screen offers a few more details. Also not shown is the dialog announcing the completion of a quest... oh, and completing quests now most of the time yields a few extra experience points).
  • ADOM now has a quick hint system. ADOM shows a kind of ASCII tooltip in some situations to indicate which commands might be particularly helpful. The tooltips show up only a limited number of times (10 by default, but that is configurable).
See the video below to get an impression of these features:

Additionally we have been working on many other things:
  • Krys continues to animate monster by monster - a couple of dozen still are left but we are getting to 100% coverage.
  • Zeno is very busy catching up with the many ASCII enhancements and also has started tackling some long-requested features for the graphical mode, Most important IMHO here is the ability to scale much better to different screen resolutions.
  • We have added more improvements to mouse controls. Shooting now is just a single left-click onto an enemy (but you can change it to double clicks by configuration).
  • I have progressed with the Rolf and volcano quest (but there's still quite a bit to do).
  • And there have been tons of other details (like being able to skip (more) with the mouse, new tiles for location entries on the wilderness with easier to discern entries, etc.).
If all goes well I'm hoping for a prerelease version by end of next week (but ASCII only) for our prerelease texters and from there we'll progress to the Steam release. And afterwards we will finally be able to enjoy the benefits of our new GIT based development pipeline by releasing much more often.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Most bigly ADOM news update in a long while (physical rewards, videos, pictures, so many new features)

Hi everyone!

After a flurry of posts two weeks ago we fell a little more silent - because sometimes things are just bigger and harder pieces of work. In the past two weeks several topics we begun have been brought to some kind of conclusion while other major topics have been started: