Thursday, August 10, 2017

Quick hints & quest dialogs

Hi everyone!

While we continue working on the next release busily I'd like to demonstrate a few things that have been added since my last report:
  • ADOM now has quest dialogs to make it harder to miss new quests. (Additionally - but not shown in the video below - the quests have been made somewhat more extensive in their descriptions and the quest status screen offers a few more details. Also not shown is the dialog announcing the completion of a quest... oh, and completing quests now most of the time yields a few extra experience points).
  • ADOM now has a quick hint system. ADOM shows a kind of ASCII tooltip in some situations to indicate which commands might be particularly helpful. The tooltips show up only a limited number of times (10 by default, but that is configurable).
See the video below to get an impression of these features:

Additionally we have been working on many other things:
  • Krys continues to animate monster by monster - a couple of dozen still are left but we are getting to 100% coverage.
  • Zeno is very busy catching up with the many ASCII enhancements and also has started tackling some long-requested features for the graphical mode, Most important IMHO here is the ability to scale much better to different screen resolutions.
  • We have added more improvements to mouse controls. Shooting now is just a single left-click onto an enemy (but you can change it to double clicks by configuration).
  • I have progressed with the Rolf and volcano quest (but there's still quite a bit to do).
  • And there have been tons of other details (like being able to skip (more) with the mouse, new tiles for location entries on the wilderness with easier to discern entries, etc.).
If all goes well I'm hoping for a prerelease version by end of next week (but ASCII only) for our prerelease texters and from there we'll progress to the Steam release. And afterwards we will finally be able to enjoy the benefits of our new GIT based development pipeline by releasing much more often.

Stay tuned!


  1. Great. I feel an urge to try animated version. Also, can you remove graphical item icons from ASCII mode inventory? I think ASCII must be completely ASCII.

    1. CTRL+m > x (ADOM specific options) > I (inventory graphics)

      To toggle them on and off.

  2. Ooo next week huh? A shame I'm not a prerelease tester, but hopefully it comes out quickly on beta. I want to try out all the new things that have been implemented.

    I'm gonna assume that the new content will probably be a later release? (Hopefully not too later ;))

  3. Perhaps you could this format for the introduction of unique boss monsters and dungeon statues, too. Like it!