Sunday, August 27, 2017

Physical crowdfunding rewards, revised talent screen and more

Hi everyone!

After I spent a week vacationing in the USA (visiting GEN CON 50 both for fun and to meet some legendary RPG personalities... the latter being related to ADOM activities that probably will be announced at the next Roguelike Celebration in San Francisco) I'd quickly like to get you all updated on what's been going on behind the scenes (and my inability to get the video below uploaded for more than a week due to strange problems with my iPhone delayed all this).
The most important news for the past two weeks include:
  • Behind the scenes more and more screens in ADOM by now exist in 100% graphical versions making the game much more beautiful overall.
  • We have been fiddling with improvement to scaling our graphics (and toying with a new graphical HUD for that) but there's still a lot of work to be done on the NotEye side for this to be completed. Nonetheless I still hope that these changes will be included in the next graphical release. Here's a prototypical sample of the improved graphical HUD:
  • We have revised the talent screen to make it easier to use:
  • Work on many new quests, monsters, items, etc. continues. Still hoping for an ASCII prerelease by the end of the week. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • And... I finally am getting to close to have all the remaining physical rewards from the crowdfunding campaign shipped:
    • more postcards,
    • more ADOM Lite RPG books,
    • the limited & signed code certificates with fragments of original ADOM source code
    • and the ADOM Lite RPG boxes (!)
The devil is in the details with this... I again have been spending many hours with cardboard boxes, the correct types of envelopes, address woes, bubble wrap, stickers and more. Nonetheless I hope that we will get everything out by the end of the week or the next weekend the latest. I can ensure everyone doing a crowdfunding campaign nowadays - things aren't as easy if you started in the crowdfunding stone age of 2012... but soon it will be done!

If you still have not confirmed your shipping address - do it immediately. After this shipping wave I will take a break of at least six months before I touch all this stuff again and will ignore folks that show up a day or three too late to the party.

Here's a video about the first ADOM RPG box we assembled before my vacation (and which failed to upload from my iPhone for the past ten days for reasons unknown to me):

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  1. the HUD looks great Thomas. I"m not sure i'll ever swap to graphics but the HUD is a step in the right direction