Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alpha-testing the server for ADOM Deluxe

Right now Team ADOM has started to test the server connection for ADOM Deluxe. Basically everyone registered for ADOM Deluxe (and that includes many many people from the crowd funding campaign) will receive a license key that will allow them to log into an ADOM community portal, synchronize high scores and achievements with that portal, even retrieve their local high scores after crashes and other things.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New ADOM logo proposal

Hi everyone!

Amongst the things going on in the background is trying to find a new ADOM logo design. The future ADOM logo will appear in the game, as a desktop item, etc. We so far have discussed quite a number of designs internally and many topics have been raised. Without further ado I'd like to present the current favorite below. We are looking forward to your comments - I have consciously refrained from providing any explanations regarding the design in order to see what you make of it :-)

Let us hear your thoughts - thanks!