Saturday, August 25, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 6 days and $592 for the next stretch goal!

The awesomeness continues... we still have 6 days left until the ADOM crowd funding campaign ends and now only $592 separate us from allowing me to hire Krys for a prolonged amount of time to paint an awesome tile set, get even better music and also work on the tile set engine for ADOM II - yes, that's all included in the $592 we still need to puck up for stretch goal #2!

Afterwards we can start to wonder and hope for stretch goal #3 (mist elves, ratlings as new races; duelists and chaos knights as new classes) and stretch goal #4 (ADOM Deluxe on gaming sites like Steam, Desura and Gamersgate).

Six more days... almost enough to create a world ;-) More than enough to build the foundation for a new generation of awesome games!

Thomas Biskup
ADOM & ADOM II Maintainer
"The Creator" ;-)

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