Thursday, August 23, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: Reaching for the stretch goals!

Now that ADOM has been successfully funded since this morning (22nd of August 2012, 02:03am GMT+1) we can focus on reaching as many stretch goals as possible.

Krys has provided this awesome stretch goal chart (which in a couple of minutes also will appear on the campaign pages):

Below you can find the more detailed explanations once again...

As we already have reached $50,000 Jochen, Zeno and I will be doing a basic NotEye integration in ADOM. This will be sufficient to allow the community to define their custom tile sets but we won't be able to provide one by ourselves.

At $55,000 I will be able to pay Krys (our artist) for six months or more (adding part of the basic art budget from the basic funding goal) in order to produce a totally awesome and beautiful tile set to make ADOM Classic the most beautiful roguelike game ever created.

At $60,000 we will add ratlings and mist elves as new races as well as duelists and chaos knights as new classes. This stretch goal will cash in on ancient promises I gave lo so many years ago.

At $65,000 we will create a Steam version of ADOM - the ADOM Deluxe promised so long ago. And we'd try to do our best to also support other platforms like Gamersgate and Desudura. Every donor of $50 or above (and all who pledged for the ADOM Lite RPG) will receive a free license for ADOM Deluxe. ADOM Deluxe will add a more detailed character generation process, restorable save files, challenge games and some other neat details for paying customers. Why paying customers you might ask? Because it's all about a sustainable lifecycle model for ADOM. As has become clear from the campaign we'll be able to fund some ADOM development - but we still are looking for a sustainable model. I believe that with the addition of tiles and audio tracks ADOM has all the potetial to become a tiny mainstream success - and that's why I have defined this stretch goal despite other voices from my call for votes to the right of this blog. Because I believe that this might be the one chance to earn some continuous income from a much larger audience which in turn would allow the continuous financing of the free version of ADOM as well as the commercial Deluxe version. So it's a gamble but it seems to be a good one to me.

At $70,000 we will be adding achievement systems and global highscores - again extending the ideas behind the $65,000 level.

At $75,000 we finally get to the vote results to the right. A special and long volcanoe quest will be added to the game. Just a boring variation of the tower of flames you might think? By far not, be assured!

At $80,000 a new extensive quest regarding Rolf (you know him?) will be added. It will offer quite a number of new levels, challenges, monsters and items and will answer some of the unanswered mysteries of ADOM.

At $85,000 we will add two more new quests.

At $90,000 we will add three more new quests.

At $95,000 we will add four more new quests (for a total of 11 new quests by now).

At $100,000 we will produce the ADOM Lite RPG in full cover and distribute the upgraded version to everyone who pledged for it for free.

Additionally the initial pledge levels at $55,000, $60,000, $65,000 and $70,000 each will upgrade the quality of the music included with the game.

So that's what I got. I hope that you like some of the ideas even if I again decided to not totally comply with majority votes. But I believe this order to be the best for the game. Now let's just hope that some rich person picks up the $50,000 pledge level (warning: I have learned that this probably won't work directly through Indiegogo - it seems that you need to contact them and arrange some kind of bank transfer... don't ask why I learned that ;-) But you don't want to wait until the last moment if you are either a very rich or a very generous person ;-) ).



  1. 2 things:

    1. What happened to the earlier notion for some sort of Elementalist class doings? Might that still arrive at the 60K mark or between it and 65k?

    2. Now that things have successfully funded as a Guarantee, it would probably be a good idea to chime in again on the various Amiga news sites and all of the other more exotic supported platform's info hubs you did a first pass on right when the campaign started---since now they can give as "confidently" as everybody else knowing that all is well in hand without a danger of campaign failure.

    1. Regarding #1: I had suggested a pyromancer class but didn't meet much love there :-) So I decided to can it for now. If we manage to come closer to the $60,000 mark within the remaining eight days I might reconsider... but that again is extra work for no extra gain (and I did add such things far more often so far than I had planned so that I have to be a bit careful about it lest all our planning is more than moot ;-) ).

      Regarding #2: Good suggestion. We'll try another run. Sadly many of the sites seem to be very closed affairs that react only after weeks, are even more outsider-unfriendly than core Wikipedia or just don't react at all when you register. The state of affairs for these niche sites really is... shaky... at best.

    2. 1. Gotcha, though I was somehow under the impression that it was more of a broad umbrella that eventually aimed at bolstering each of the separate elements in turn with Fire just being the first.

      2. Well, from a glance, I'd at least say it looks lively in the General Discussion area of the official Raspberry Pi foundation forum. Surprises can happen though----you've got coverage on the Natami forum even though the last post was literally hours before the campaign reached the minimum last I checked.

    3. 2a. Also, perhaps you could actually wind up with a sizable article, if not a bit of spread, via AmigaFuture? They try to cover games best they can, and being GER/ENG, communication could go smoothly. Not really the most "timely" of outlets---but it is quite a long running magazine in an era where many no longer even have so much as a virtual presence.

      IIRC, the Andreas fellow there is generally news-starved as it is, so hey.