Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 9 days and $3,114 left to go...

We are getting very very close and by now it's hard to believe that the ADOM crowd funding campaign still might fail. But it can still fail very well as we have to get another $3,114 donated... which is about $346 per remaining day.

More important though is that the power pledge drive: artifacts and the "let's get over with it campaign" both end on the 24th of August. And if we don't make the campaign goal within the next 12 hours a boss monster, artifacts, items and minions will be lost... so let's hope for an amazing end run tonight!

Oh yes, and this tuesday we managed to collect $2,609 so far... yet another amazing record for recent times! You are awesome beyond belief!!!


  1. I don't remember the last time I had so much excitement with ADOM... must have been before the release of 1.0.0 :-)