Friday, August 17, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 14 days and $11.129 to go...

Latest update: On Thursday, 16th, the ADOM crowd funding campaign managed to raise a total of $1.475. This leaves $11.129 to be covered which means that another $794,93 minimum need to be pledged per remaining day to allow the campaign to succeed - otherwise the campaign fails and all money will be returned to the donors. Considering that so far on Friday, 17th, exactly $0 have been collected the whole campaign still is going to be a very close race... things remain interesting.

So please continue spreading the word - the rise in donations during the past few days shows that there is more than enough potential to make the dream of new ADOM releases a reality and I really hope that we manage to get to the $55.000 mark in a last minute race as this would allow Krys to create an awesome graphical tile set for ADOM which then would be reused for ADOM II - implementing one of the most requested features for ADOM II.

Times remain exciting... thanks for the continuing support!


  1. Good luck with the campaign, hopefully the rush will kick in soon.

    A separate note: The way you write numbers is confusing the way you swap comma's and decimal's. Is that a german thing? >_>

    1. Yes, that's a German thing. I finally need to remember to swap those things. Sorry for being confusing ;-)

    2. I thought so. Needing 11.129 would be great haha :)