Monday, August 27, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 4 days and $2,959 to go for new races and classes!

The very last days of the ADOM crowd funding campaign are upon us. We are getting closer to the $60,000 donation mark which will add mist elves, ratlings, chaos knights and duelists to the game. My current guess is that we are pretty likely to hit the mark but we won't get much farther without a new push in donations from "somewhere". Which is more than ok as the campaign surpassed my expectations and we are happy that new versions of ADOM are going to happen. And that ADOM II will benefit from it, too.

The mini quest quest yesterday resulted in but donations of $905 and thus failed to reach the $1,000 limit. So no new mini quest. Additionally the limit today rises to $2,000 so my personal guess is that it will be very hard to unlock mini quests - maybe also as a consequence of being very successful at reaching all possible donors in earlier fundraising phases.

Nonetheless all this is totally amazing - so thank you very much so far and let's have exciting final four days... maybe we'll get to the new races and classes ;-) And maybe even to the Steam level due to some last minute rush :-) ?



  1. I know this might be going against principle, but don't you think it would be better to just have those levels of miniquestness be straight goals instead of changing from day to day? So that when we reach 1000 we get one, 2000 we get another, 4000 for the next and so on. Might actually convince people to donate extra!

    1. It's now defined as time is running out in any case I now think, it doesn't make much sense to fiddle with this anymore. Either there is enough motivation left or there isn't. It's too hard to judge that constantly ;-)

      But I'm constantly trying to learn for future crowd fundign campaigns, should I ever again feel like doing one.

    2. Of course! I'm just sad we were only $95 away from a miniquest :(

    3. Agreed with Renozhin---as with that an overflow would've counted towards the next stage it would've been more ideal that the general flow do so likewise on balance.

      If nothing else, I would surely think the remainder increment could be reached at a later date via a specified open Bounty Donation once more people have recovered from their assorted pledge upgrades and whatnot to the benefit and delight of the entire playerbase.

    4. Is the result of this fundraiser going to be the end of your ADOM (1) development?

      I think if you were to run another one in 6-8 months after word has more chance to spread that new ADOM versions are coming, slowly more and more of the community will be learn about it, and be willing to help out.

      It just sucks to think that you have all these awesome ideas for ADOM, but won't get the chance to implement them. Especially Steam implementation, we're so close yet so far from it. If there is an 'ending rush' of donations I think it'll happen.

    5. No decision has been made on what is going to happen after we implemented all the stuff that now results from the crowd funding campaign.

      The one truth definitely is that ADOM II is _my_ future. Which doesnt't say anything about the future of ADOM.

    6. Three days left...

      Since over 3000 people (probably even more now) have downloaded the latest version of ADOM, and yet we only have 1156 funders (counting all of the duplicate pledges), there are definitely some gaps in the number of people contributing. I just hope they have a change of heart soon.

      You've already given people enough incentive to pledge that it doesn't make sense to hold out any longer, so anyone that hasn't pledged already probably wont.

  2. Wish I could have helped in this campaign at some point, but, I'm broke. :(

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