Thursday, August 23, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 8 days and $3,902 left for awesome tiles

Hi everyone! Here's the next quick update regarding the ADOM crowd funding campaign:

  1. The awesomeness continues. We have reached $51,098 in donations as the time of this writing. So the campaign is easily funded and all pledge rewards are guaranteed!
  2. We are a mere $3,902 away from being able to hire Krys for a prolonged amount of time in order to create a truly beautiful tile set (stretch goal #2, see the picture of a demo tile set below that I keep reposting to make sure that everyone really has seen it ;-) ). Keep it going - this is my personal pet stretch goal as I am - as mentioned quite a number of time - totally in love with the stuff Krys is doing. And keep in mind: ADOM II also will benefit from it as I would be able to reuse the tile set - so you basically are funding two games at once (I promised to add tile support to ADOM II, too, if we reach the $55,000 stretch goal).
  3. The final power pledge drive for this campaign (#5, artifacts) is running out tomorrow, midnight. The deal still is that one new artifact will be included for every $500 pledged over $31,468 (the donation sum when the power pledge drive started - see how far we have come). Already now 39 (!!!) new artifacts will be added to ADOM. Additionally - as two new standard items will get added for every day on which we surpass $1,000 in donations (multiples count) - another whopping load of standard items has come together - sadly I right now can't give you the exact number as Indiegogo once again updated the platform introducing new bugs... this time the funding overview page is broken (paging no longer works) and I can't check all the details. Customer support has been notified :-( But I'm pretty sure that another dozen or so normal items easily should have come together as a bonus.
Every day I keep being surprised about getting into contact with a surprising number of people who never before have heard about the campaign. So please continue spreading the word - especially now that the campaign is successful and all pledge rewards are guaranteed! You can

  • tweet about the campaign on Twitter using the #ADOM tag,
  • share the campaign on Facebook or Google+,
  • blog about it,
  • post about it on message boards and forums,
  • notify journalists, other bloggers, online editors, etc. about the success of the campaign and
  • generally talk to everyone about it.
The untouched potential still seems to be enormous so every help here is more than appreciated - especially since this is a wonderful way of providing more support to the campaign without pledging more money yourself ;-)

And here's the tile support demo image once more ;-)


  1. IF it can happen in time for the campaign...I would think another demo shot from Krys would help to further stimulate if it was an outdoor shot---particularly the iconic moment of a character first arriving out onto the world map. A good way to showcase range and all alongside epic scope.

  2. Seconding Brian :) Would be super cool to see a graphical Ancardia world map.

    If I didn't say it before CONGRATS on the immense, unexpected and unprecedented success of the campaign. This is simply fantastic news. Unbelievable, really, to think of future versions of ADOM.

    Two thoughts: I would like to echo what a few other people have been saying - it would be such a pity if the 65K goal weren't reached, because I know so many of us want a sustainable future for new ADOM releases, not merely one or two big (and no doubt incredibly exciting!) new versions and then another silence (and I'm not blaming you for this in the least!). I agree that it would be great to set up a way to donate specifically to ADOM Classic/Deluxe on your website after the campaign has finished - right now it looks like one can only donate to ADOM II. But of course I'm rooting for you to get to 100K :D

    Second, I hate to bring this up because it is probably nothing more than an annoyance to you now, but you did mention it:

    "...and finally, the release of the ADOM source code as open source, with community management, building, and training included."

    Is this still anywhere in your plans? Only mentioned because again, I am hoping for a sustainable future for ADOM. Even if there is no source code release, it would be nice to involve the community in the ideas for various new items, features, etc. that are being promised in the campaign terms.

    In the end it's your baby and I am not among those who ever blamed you for any decisions regarding the game. However, if you don't want to release the source code, best thing would be to just say it and stop teasing :) I don't care at all about the code (I'm not a programmer), or making variants and adding lightsabers, or anything of the kind. I just want more versions of the game I love. But that's just me... Go for it, Thomas :D

    1. But forget those doubts - again, congrats. This is just awesome :D

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  3. Thomas, congratulations on the success of the campaign! I have been an avid (although on-again-off-again) ADOM player for many years and consider it one of my favorite all-time video games. That said, I am also one of those who stumbled upon the campaign by complete accident only yesterday. It was funny actually, I wound up on a deep Wikipedia dive and ended up reading about new Roguelike games, which led me back to the ADOM page and the link to the fundraiser. So thanks to whoever edited that page or I may have missed it altogether!

    I've passed the word to my friends that also love ADOM, but I agree with you that there have to be other ways to get the word out. I love the suggestion of a Reddit AMA and I'd like to see more mention of the Facebook group as well (there seem to be only 25 members and it isn't clear that it is the "Official" Facebook location for the game).

    All that said, I'm out of my mind with excitement to try out the 1.2.0 prerelease when I get home today and I just have to say thanks for all of your dedication!!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Any ideas for more publicity are welcome.