Thursday, August 30, 2012

ADOM crow funding: stretch goal #7 (Rolf) unlocked!

What can I say? Yes, the ADOM crowd funding campaign passed the $80,000 mark for stretch goal #7: Rolf Quest. Yes, this is surpassing all expectations and there are ten more hours left for more wonders. And yes, soon I'll be running out of stretch goal images ;-)

Ok, so here we are: A new extensive quest concerning the secrets of Rolf (and Rolf?) will be added to the game. Probably with some new artifacts and stuff thrown in... we'll see about that, too :-)

The next stretch goal #8 at $85,000 will add two more complex quests to the game. Theming and general direction will be decided with lots of community input in order to add content to missing dark spots in the game.

10 hours left... everything right now seems possible :-)


  1. Wow... This is quite surprising. 1 1/2 months ago, I was skeptical that this project would be funded. I pledged anyways, and had my fingers crossed. Now, the funding level is quickly approaching double the final mark. Wow. Just wow. Congratulations, Thomas, and may the new stuff be as awesome as I anticipate it to be.

  2. Image on indiegogo is oddly streched again :)
    And wow! That's a lot of strech goals taken!

  3. Yeah, this is great, and though Ive not been able to donate ive been following and supporting this goal the whole time, maybe after I get done with my military training ill have a lot of new adom to play :D

  4. Hello! I've been continuously forgetting about donating some for this project but I've been trying for the past day and it just won't work. Yesterday I tried a whole bunch of times and it turns out Indiegogo does not accept pre-paid cards, then ALL day today I've been doing laboratory work and thought was sure it would work now as I tried my actual card but it just says I was "denied" by my bank. Been playing ADoM for near 10 years, any other payment options?

    Also mailed creator at