Saturday, August 25, 2012

Actually the power pledge drive #5: artifacts now is over!

Nobody noticed. Even I forgot to mention it. The final power pledge drive: artifacts is over.

Nonetheless it helped you to garner a lot of additional free content for the ADOM crowd funding campaign.

It started on August, 10th, at a donation level of $31,468 and accompanied us - unnoticed by many - until August, 24th. During that time a total of $23,270 were donated!!!

This brought us up to a donation level of $54,738 and now will bring a flood of artifacts (and also lots of new items) to ADOM: 46 new artifacts (!!!) as a direct result of the "one artifact per $500 pledges" rule, and an additional 32 for 16 multiples of $1,000 on one single day we managed to pass!!! The best day having been the 21st of August with more than $6,500 in donations on a single day! Absolutely awesome.

So there's 46 new artifacts and 32 new items coming your way for free!

As for the artifacts: ADOM in the future only will provide subsets of the total list of artifacts per game to make the game a bit more random and increase the difficulty of creating the perfect build for a winning character. Nobody said that ChAoS sleeps ;-)



  1. I hope for some artifacts to go to slots that don't have many right now - bracers, gauntlets, girdles, shoes, helmets...

  2. I want to mention some humble opinion:
    Yes , artifacts are good without any doubts... But more than 56% of visitors wants more quests , in-game contens , interactivity , races , clases , more spells , more advanced crafting.
    Advanced interface with some quest-related spash screen will add more deep RPG atmosphere.
    I deeply respect and enjoy the game as is created now , but always wondering why there not exist concepts like : treasure chests for example .

    1. A new splashscreen is part of the campaign, so that'll definitely be coming. Same for improved interface. We've also been promised a new location, and with the stretch goals there'll be extra quests and items. I'm pretty sure everyone will be happy with the results of this!

      I'm not sure on the point of chests though, unless there were chest-mimics, but even then it'd be a case of firing arrows at every chest you see. What would chests achieve that regular items on the ground don't? Apart from a load of time to code special cases for, of course...

    2. Chest-concept will make game more deep in sense that you can generate random quest and non-quest contents for.ex.:
      Chests that can be opened only from certain class or race or character level.
      Random dungeon chest that required certain level abilities to open.
      You can store your own equpment there (actually this is wery handy in many ways).
      Crafting box - you put there items for advanced crafting paterns.
      If character is L/N/C there will be chests available only for certain character.
      There many uses of simple object that is part of any RPG genre.

  3. I agree that the game must become more newbie-friendly, a splash-screen indicating quest-info would be a good addition, like for example time-info about raiderlord and puppy, or actual distance-info for the blanket, or the first kill in quests that need that. maybe those things are deluxe-version-only. however, artifacts should be treated a bit more openly also in the free version. when the newbie gets a wish, how can he know what artifacts are available? don't limit in-game artifacts, limit the character's knowledge instead and randomly rename the others for the sake of wishing. as for chests, I understand the sarcasm, yeah let's turn adom into one of those japanese crpgs. however, the concept of storage doesn't exist in adom, so also chests are nonsense. who'd haul a wooden chest into a dungeon anyway, a dungeon full of doors with a lock? blankets on the other hand, full of treasures, right in the wilderness, guarded by raiders or other criminals...