Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 9,5 hours and $1,113 to go...

The final hours might be upon us... we still have 9,5 hours left and need "just" $1,113 more to successfully fund ADOM: The resurrection and gain a lot of free extras for the game by doing so. I think the last time I experienced so much tense and excitement with ADOM was during the final minutes before the release of ADOM 1.0.0 :-)

This might be the night to revive a dream :-)

Let's see if we really make it tonight...


  1. Yeah, it's really happening :-)
    Only 1k to go - scroll of luck says that Fate smile upon you ;D

  2. You mean 9 and a half days, right?

    1. 9 hours are about one of power pledges:

      "If the ADOM crowd funding campaign is successful within the next 24 hours (until 10:04am, August 22nd, GMT+1) I will add an extra special new boss monster with a special new map, 2 new artifacts, 4 new minion monsters for said boss and 16 new items that only will be recoverable on said special level."

  3. The real question right now is how fast the donations will go once the 48000 mark is reached. I'd love to see ADOM be on Steam, so that the game could hopefully get more consistent funding.