Sunday, August 26, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: 5 days and $3,394 left for new races and classes!

Hi everyone! Latest update while I finally find some more time to finish ADOM II 0.3.0: There are still almost five days left in the ADOM crowd funding campaign and we are moving closer to stretch goal #3: new races and classes.

If $3,394 in pledges are collected before the end of the campaign the following new races and classes will be added to ADOM (and as a consequence eventually also will find their way into ADOM II):

  • Ratlings, beloved by many, finally will become a PC race, in all their glory.
  • Mist elves, a new ephemeral elven race associated with white necromancy, will show up.
  • Duelists, true master of fighting one on one, will introduce a new fighter variant.
  • Chaos knights for the first time will introduce an option to side with corruption and spread ChAoS in the game.
Additionally the mini quest quest is running and for every $1,000 collected today a new mini quest will be added to ADOM. Already tomorrow unlocking new mini quests will become twice as difficult as by then $2,000 will be required to unlock a new mini quest.

I'll be back to working on ADOM II now hoping to be able to finish 0.3.0 before the end of the crowd funding campaign.


  1. What's "white necromancy"? A "good" form of necromancy, akin to healing magic but focused more on reviving the dead (without the traditional side effects of necromancy) than healing the living? A form of necromancy that focuses on more intelligent undead creatures, such as vampires and liches, rather than the brute creatures such as zombies and skeletons? Or something else entirely? In any event, sounds intriguing!

  2. Maybe instead of reanimating sentient corpses which causes anguish to relatives they reanimate animals? Zombie animals and shadow centipedes :)