Thursday, August 30, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: A new mega legend has been born!!!

We just made $70,000 in the ADOM crowd funding campaign which means that ADOM will be getting an achievement system and highscore servers and stuff (strech goal #5). Andriy made true on his promise and I'm once more awed beyond any recognizable limit. This is mind-blowing. And the madness doesn't necessarily end... now we are in touching distance to the $75,000 if Jeff makes true on his equivalent promise and we reach $72,500.

Andriy thus will enter the newly available rank of mega legend and we'll work out some nice thing to immortalize him in the game (and beyond).

And we right now are but $1,513 away from $72,500 - about $85 per hour for the remaining 18 hours. Maybe James (Facebookers know) even might get his Rolf answers if yet another wonder happens. You never end being surprised :-)

Thanks for making this the most exciting 60 days of ADOM!

Oh, and one more thing: Three new micro quests now also will be added for free - cashing in on the promise I made!


  1. How about giving Andriy the benefits of Avatar of Thieves level? Noone took this perk, and it's likely noone will, but if anyone deserves it, it's him.

  2. Just to quickly point out, the latest image on the indiegogo site is stretched oddly (the one updating the stretch goals). Might want to change that.

    Otherwise fantastic news!

  3. Do $40 donors get into the credits or anything? Is there a way to fund the $40 level for the RPG and another level to get more prizes?

    1. You can donate more than once (just push 'contribute now' button again) for different levels

  4. It might not be much, but I could add an european highscore server and server side software to fit your needs free of charge (well not tomorrow, but Christmas would seem a good date for that).

  5. All aboard the last minute upboat.