Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The ADOM: The Resurrection virtual party

Hi everyone!

On Facebook I already weeks ago announced the idea of having a virtual party if the ADOM crowd funding campaign is successful... now that we have succeeded the party will take place. Originally I had planned to start the party on August, 31st, 20pm, GMT+1 but many ADOM fans from the US brought to my attention that they would have to pass as that would put them off work due to timezone difference.

I feel sheepish for not having considered that, so I have decided to add a poll to the right. Please decide if the ADOM: The Resurrection virtual party should take place on either the 31st of August or the 1st of September (in any case it's at 20pm, GMT+1) and

Please also post suggestions about where to host the party in the comments (Reddit AMA, Google Hangout+, IRC, some forum, something else). I'll add another poll tomorrow for a quick decision :-)




  1. IRC seems best, for that real-time aspect. There are already ADOM channels on a couple of IRC servers.

    I'm away on holiday unfortunately, but I hope there's some sort of log taken.

  2. What means 20pm, GMT +1?
    Better announce 21:00 GMT.

  3. Replies
    1. Hmm. You are right.
      That's why it must be corrected.

  4. I'm not up to speed with IRC, but have there been announcements on these ADOM IRC channels about the campaign?

    1. Yep, it's the channel topic in both the main #adom IRC channels.

  5. Definitely another AMA, please, at least so we can lay some smackdown on the inevitable haters.

    Also, if we're gonna do an IRC, we need some play-by-plays by everyone playing ADOM during the party.
    Hell, some real-time ADOM streams would be pretty awesome too.

  6. Just in case anyone doesn't know - you can run IRC from a browser. http://webchat.freenode.net/ is one place to do it. There are others. It's *really* easy. Just put #adom as the channel.

  7. I'm chilling in Freenode's #adom, in a dead Efnet #adom, and in an unregistered and empty Rizon #adom.


  8. I shall be at the party, but please don't make it on Reddit. I don't wanna party in the biggest troll cave I've ever seen ^^ .

  9. 5am on Father's day for me in Melbourne, Australia. No way I'm missing my sleep-in.