Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pledge Update #4: ADOM Lite RPG now generally available!

As I got asked quite a bit about it (more than I had expected) a new pledge level has been added to the ADOM crowd funding campaign: For $40 you can pledge to get the Seeker level - which will make you the owner of the "ADOM Lite RPG". Here are the details:

  • For $40 you receive the "ADOM Lite RPG" and become a Seeker (this level is not included in any other pledge level and it does not include any other pledge level).
  • The "ADOM Lite RPG" provides complete, simple and fun pen & paper role playing rules to game in the world of Ancardia.
  • Each copy will be signed and numbered.
  • It is 64 pages in size (yes, I have upped the page count from the previous Master Thief and Avatar of Thieves levels).
  • For each $25 extra pledged you will receive another copy of the rules.
  • Shipping is included!
  • The "ADOM Lite RPG" never again will be available. Once the crowd funding campaign is over it never will be reprinted or distributed - this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing that never will come back.
Thus the "ADOM Lite RPG" is planned as a true collectors item - if you pass it now you won't get another chance!

To compensate for the general availability of the "ADOM Lite RPG" there is a new cool extra to Master Thief" donors: They will receive an extra 32 page ADOM Lite RPG supplement called the "ADOM Lite RPG Arcana". This supplement will contain the rules for cool new advanced and master classes for your PCs - which at the same time serve as a kind of preview about what is to come in ADOM II as ADOM II already includes these concepts but does not yet fill them with life!

We are still $18.000 short of making ADOM Classic 1.2.0 come true and only 22 days are left - so it's now or never. Help to make this campaign become a resounding success and breathe new life into ADOM!


  1. Awesome! I'm assuming that if we want to change our donation level to a seeker, we can upgrade to it in the same manner as upgrading to any other level? And does the free shipping include to the U.S. as well?

    ADOM RPG woooooh!

  2. Are you planning on holding any more pledge drives?

    1. I think there will be one more pledge drive.

      And I hope that we soon will have enough stuff discussed to make an announcement about a hopefully rather simple to achieve stretch goal (or a possible change in campaign goal) to direct your attention to ADOM tile support... a kind of ADOM tile support that should pale any other roguelike I have seen so far. It blew off my socks and the socks of everyone I so far showed it to.

      But it only will happen if we meet the $48.000 minimum... so there's still way to go.

    2. I'm worried about my socks now :/

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