Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MWAHAHAHAHA - it's alive!!!

(thanks to Jason Smith who provided the inspiration for this humble title :-) )

Folks, I am surprised, humbled, flattered, amazed, awed, elated, hysterical, happy, relieved, confirmed in my beliefs... and totaly exhausted. All at the same time.

What seemed unbelievable in the beginning due to all the negative feedback now has become reality... nine days ahead of time.

Much faster than we ever anticipated. We do not even have a victory picture or something like that prepared as this came much sooner than we dared to hope. So you really caught us unaware!!!

Thank you so much to everyone out there for making the resurrection dream come true. This is one of the most exciting moments in my ADOM history and yet another of those unbeliebably crazy memories that accompany me throughout life up until to my final minutes. You are the most awesome and wonderful community any game designer can dream of and now ADOM will return... with a vengeance. I'll probably need a day or two (since right now it's mid-work week and an extremely busy one at that) to update the statistics for all the stuff that will be added. We'll do our very best to make the next ADOM release the very best ever.

And even better: The campaign is far from over! Now we can reach for the stretch goals. All this is a dream and I'll continue to dream until the end of August:

  • At $50,000 we will have official tile support.
  • At $55,000 we will have an absolutely awesome official tile set - the most beautiful ever.
  • And at $65,000 we'll have a chance to get ADOM into the mainstream. At least a little.

But I'm rambling... thanks once more. I'll now break down and have a small comatose sleep before continuing the dream tomorrow!


  1. Woohoo! Go, Thomas! You got it and you deserve it! :D

  2. This was totally worth staying up for :-)

  3. Very nice---though I've advised it before I will strongly insist again: ASAP, beyond getting in a "Funded!" update on the actual IGG page---now is the time for another in person thank you and celebratory video not unlike the very one that started this campaign. Do it like the initial Shadowrun team did it or something----this event merits it in full as will the very end of the campaign no matter what the final total ends up.

    A hearty congrats!

    1. Will do so. But I am afraid - as bad as that is - it will take a day or two as we really weren't prepared for this quick resolution :-^ Today is a long work day followed by a concert (Katzenjammer) and then I'll think about the video. Textual updates following whenever there is a minute as well as - hopefully - new graphical teasers for the goals ahead of us!

  4. It is really fantastic, i did sink so many hours into ADOM and now, we will have some significant update(s)!

  5. Congratulations - it really, really is a great game!

  6. Frankly, I am a bit concerned, reading those stretch goals :) So many great ideas at so high levels. I hope you don't promise these will NEVER happen if the funding won't go there :)

  7. *Casually checks RSS feeds before going to bed*
    *Sees a bunch of ADOM blog posts; doesn't bother to read the titles but starts from the oldest*
    *Glances at sidebar*
    "$48,736 raised | 9 days left"


    My first reaction: "It''s funded!??" This followed by a delighted laugh and, "We did it!"

    Man...this is really awesome, Thomas. I've been playing ADOM since about 2001 or so, and now, after a decade of waiting, so much is going to be done with it again. This is truly amazing. Thanks to everyone who donated, and I'm glad I was able to do my small part to help.

    I don't even care about stretch goals right now. ADOM is funded!

  8. just noticed under the "Funders" tab, some minutes after ADoM reached it goal:

    "Andor Drakon 1$ 5 hours ago"

    uh, uh. someone noticed and probabaly is ready for new waves of heroes.

  9. We have a screenshot of that on Facebook :-)

    When the campaign is over I'll post a very long summary (after a couple of days of sleep) and there you'll have all that stuff ;-)