Thursday, August 30, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: Twin mega legends grace the Ancardian sky!

You did it yet again! You are truly the best community ever! So we made the $72,500 in the ADOM crowd funding campaign, Jeff Royle cashed in his promise and *KABBOOOOOM* - $75,000 and stretch goal #6 has fallen: ADOM will get the volcano quest - a truly extensive and world shaking thing that will get all my love, creativity and  energy. I really hope that you will love it :-) Jeff is the second mortal to rise to the status of mega legend and he'll also receive some very special treat to immortalize him in the game. Things to be discussed later on ;-)

And that's not enough: We are still moving forward at tremendous speed: Although we still have $3,685 to go to unlock stretch goal #7 - the quest for Rolf, yet another extensive mega quest that will allow me to return to one of my oldest RPG characters (yeah, that's where Rolf comes from) - I'm pretty sure that we have a very good chance of making that goal, too. It's $284 per remaining hour but right now we are doing this easily... so let's see if yet another legendary story can be brought to a closure.

Awesome, awesome, awesome... beyond belief.

Just in case... yet another wonder happens and someone picks up the Demigod pledge level, here's the next stretch goal list (we have no graphics for that and I don't think it's realistic - but I wanted to mention them just in case):

  • $110,000 will be the iPad version and five new mini quests,
  • $120,000 will be the Android version and three more mega quests,
  • $130,000 will see the ADOM Lite RPG converted into the true ADOM RPG and expanded to 128 pages full-color hardcover splendor - at no additional cost for all the folks who decided to pledge for the RPG! (at this level I probably would consider selling it later - but I'd add some special limited thing for all donors to make your version different from the one available later... something like 16 pages of unique art).
Ok, just to have it mentioned in case you manage to surprise me beyond my wildest dreams ;-)



  1. Truly phenomenal. Thank you so much to Andriy, Jeff Royle, the anonymous third Legend donor, and everyone else who got us this far. ADOM with more quests? It's the fulfillment of some of my wildest roguelike dreams.

    After a decade, I had nearly lost hope, but Thomas Biskup and the wonderful ADOM community have proven that we still care about and love ADOM. And the best part? There's still 12 hours left. :D

  2. But in the poll, Android has a lot more votes than iPad? :P

  3. Only $822 until Rolf!! I don't think I'll be able to sleep :|
    That's what... $82/hour!

  4. You can sleep now -- Rolf beat the odds :)

  5. Hahaha, good old Rolf :P
    Now, time to sleep!