Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: stretch goal #1 taken by storm!

Folks, I'm in love with you :-) The awesomeness continues and we are setting record after record and achievement after achievement with the ADOM crowd funding campaign:

  • ADOM: The Resurrection got funded a bare 16 hours ago, nine days before the end of the campaign!
  • ADOM: The Resurrection has been successfully funded a mere 15 hours ago.
  • ADOM: The Resurrection is the highest successful game related campaign ever on Indiegogo!
  • ADOM: The Resurrection is the highest funded roguelike game ever.
  • And then the magic continued: A mere 15 hours later stretch goal #1 was taken by storm - ADOM now will get an integration with NotEye to enable tile support and allow the community to build tile sets. Thanks to Zeno for doing amazing groundwork with NotEye I'm very much looking forward to working together! As the time of this writing we are at $50,246 - another $2,246 in that short time! And as the power pledge drive: artifacts is still running until the 24 of August we by now must have collected something like 40+ new artifacts and dozens of additional items... I did not yet have time to check the statistics in this funding frenzy :-)
Now we are entering the next phase of the crowd funding campaign (almost nine days left - that's enough to the change the world ;-) ):

  • The next stretch goal is the $55,000 mark which will allow us to hire Krys for an extended period of time to create the most beautiful roguelike tile set ever (my opinion, sorry to the "competition" ;-) )
  • The best thing about it: The tile set will be usable for ADOM II, too. So effectively we now are collecting money to reach two goals at once - a beautiful tile set for ADOM and graphical tile sets for ADOM II. I promise to add graphical tile sets to ADOM if we pass the $55,000 level as I'm totally in love with the stuff Keys is doing. And combined with Lucas' audio magic will be as close to perfection as I can imagine ;-)

Ok, folks, let's continue this magic journey!


  1. Congratulations! Time to update the lists!

  2. I would imagine part of the confusion comes from the sensible expectation, all things considered, that the tileset needs of ADOM II should certainly dwarf the original ADOM considering the broader scope and all even with all the myriad additions and goodies coming to ADOM as per the funding campaign.

    Certainly a fair bit will work just fine for both games, but surely ADOM II will end up needing more---also considering I don't believe NotEye currently has the capabilities to support a game coded in the style of ADOM II so unless that also changes(read, a really damned good idea to increase the range of it) a different integration method would have to be hashed out.

    1. ADOM II already has about 20-40% of the work required for tiles prepared. NotEye wouldn't be involved in ADOM II. And yes, you probably are right in that more tiles would be needed for ADOM II but considering the fact that ADOM II currently has much less content than ADOM things should work out about right. And funding more tiles for ADOM II probably is something that could be done in a very small crowd funding campaign ($1000-$4000) if one were able to build on the ADOM base (we haven't discussed any numbers regarding ADOM II and would hope them to be at the low end).