Sunday, August 26, 2012

A glimpse at a past version of the ADOM RPG

The remaining (less than) five days of the ADOM crowd funding campaign offer the one and only chance to come into possession of the yet to be written ADOM Lite RPG - for a pledge of $40 (shipping included) you can get hold of a single copy, additional copies are available for $25. For $400 you can become the owner of a highly limited boxed set for ADOM, including the RPG, a hand-tuned d20, an extra manual for master classes and other stuff. See the campaign page for details.

The ADOM Lite RPG will never again be available once the campaign ends - neither as PDF nor as print. So the remaining five days are the one and only chance to become the owner of this highly limited collectors item for the ADOM afficionado.

193 out of a maximum of 777 print issues already have been pledged for... so there still enough material but not an unlimited amount, as in less than five days everything is over.

A while ago (something like eight years) or so I started writing the ADOM RPG seriously for the first time. The planned ADOM Lite RPG will be a different beast (much lighter on rules and much faster to play, a little more concerned about casual gamers ;-) )

The ADOM Lite RPG will be 64 pages in length and feature a complete pen & paper RPG. As mentioned it will be very different from my original vision (which targeted a minimum of 128 pages and was planned in full color). The full color version will only be done if donations raise to $100,000 (but then for free for everyone who pledged for it). As this is highly unlikely you just should take the following images as examples of what might be or could have been. Enjoy!

Wow, looking at these sample pages I once more really would love to do a full-color version...

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  1. I'm so jealous. I wish the campaign wouldn't end until 12th of September, so I could get a copy too. Life of a student is hard...