Thursday, August 30, 2012

ADOM crowd funding: The final race towards... stretch goals #5, #6 and #7?

Wow, wow, wow. I'll need to recover for days from the excitement. The ADOM crowd funding campaign is entering the very final hours - 27 to go at the time of this writing.

We made it yet again.

Stretch goal #4: Steam (& co.) support has been unlocked!

And now more exciting things are happening... that might allow us to get to the next stretch goal #5 (achievements & highscore server at $70,000) and even towards the $75,000 (stretch goal #6: the highly elaborate and detailed volcano quest). The following facts will make the remaining 27 hours a hell of an exciting race towards the end of the campaign:
  1. Currently we are at $65,907, a mere $1,593 away from the magical $67,500. Andriy has put up a promise to donate another $2,500 if we make that margin so that he pushes us to the $70,000 stretch goal mark and will unlock stretch goal #5: achievements and the high score server. @Andriy: You'll get a very special extra in the game if we really manage that - promised! If we manage to pul this off I have promised to add an extra three mini quests to the game (one level maps with special challenges). So there's the possibility of getting a load of extras with $1,593 in pledges!
  2. Jeff Royle just took up Andriy's generous offer and (read comment #8 here) offered to chime in an additional $2,500 if we manage to get to $70,000 in this way and then up to $72,500 by community pledges (my interpretation - Jeff, please correct me if I'm wrong - again, you won't be held responsible for that ;-) ). He'll in that case put us at the $75,000 mark. @Jeff: As for Andriy - if that is to happen something truly special will be added in-game for you, too.
  3. Now that we have gotten to the $65,000 everyone who pledged at least $40 (no matter in what combination) will receive a free license for ADOM Deluxe!!! So far this leaves about 259 folks at the $10 and 426 people at the $25 level without a free license for ADOM Deluxe (the numbers are not exact as a number of them pledged more than once or upgraded behind the scenes but they are a good estimation). Now imagine this: If 259 people were to pledge an extra $30 (and you are not forced to upgrade to the RPG level if you don't want that) they'll get a free license and the roughly estimated $7,500 extra would put us even beyond stretch goal #6: The Rolf Quest (with the special pledges above added it)!!! And if the 426 people at the $25 level were to add another $15 (again without being required to buy the RPG) we'd have another $6,000 that might even unlock yet another two mega quests beyond the Rolf quest!!! How awesome is that? While I don't believe that this is very likely to happen it's totally amazing to see that there is a slim fighting chance to unlock stretch goals #6 and #7. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

I've already vowed to make the volcano quest very special - I'll now add that I'll make it a world shaking event if we get that far.

I'm not sure how I'm going to concentrate on real life today. All this is just remarkable beyond any means. Keep it up folks, you are truly


  1. Thomas you got it right. If we hit the 72,500 mark I will put us to the 75,000 mark for the next level.

    1. You read the scroll of omnipotence

      As you read the scroll you suddenly feel great power surging through your body.
      You feel invincible and your abilities are increased by enourmous amounts!
      Now you are a true champion of %s!

  2. Jeff/Andriy... legends in the truest sense of the word!

  3. Yes they are! Great going guys!

  4. Such a pity that our country (Belarus) is not in trusted list of PayPal - damn, I am so eager to contribute to such a wonderful game!

  5. 24 hours left, and crikey... Very cool of Andriy and Jeff to promise this - They definitely deserve some cool rewards for their generosity.

  6. Any idea how much will the license cost? This information might make contribution decisions easier.

  7. Is it to soon to start pitching ideas for achievements? :) I would suggest:

    Zoologist -- read monster memory for all monsters. Doesn't require you to kill all monsters, you just have to see them. Can be unlocked through multiple playthroughs.

    Botanist -- possess at least one herb of every kind at the same time.

    Blessed Warrior -- have all inventory slots filled with blessed items, AND have the "Blessed" status at the same time.

    Five-Finger Shopping Spree -- pickpocket 1000 items.

    Well-Intentioned Extremist -- achieve both L+ and C- alignment with the same character.

    Completely Useless Achievement -- find a use for potion of uselessness.

    Keys to the City -- get at least one normal key of every kind at the same time.

    Explorer of the Infinity -- reach floor 88 in the Infinite Dungeon [88 since "8" looks like infinity symbol]

    Conqueror of the Infinity -- reach floor 888.

    Wasting Time in the Infinity -- reach floor 8888.

    Potion Connoisseur -- identify all nonartifact potions in one game.
    Jeweler -- identify all nonartifact rings and gems.

    One Step from Death -- get your HP to max after being at 1 HP. To get this achievement, you cannot use prayer or healing items to refill your HP, but regeneration items are allowed.

    Tough Meat -- eat a gorgon corpse without getting petrified.

    Grave Robber -- dig out 100 graves.

  8. Maybe a bit early to be asking this but... any idea what you might be setting as a price point when you start selling ADOM Deluxe? Seeing that only folks who've pledged at least 40 dollars are going to get a free license for it has me a little worried on that end.

  9. wow looks like we are going to hit 70k now. Seriously guys out there.. amazing.

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    2. Yup, that's now $67,652 raised! If Andriy was serious (and is still able, you do need to be online to notice after all!) then that's $70k!

      If it keep going and manages to raise 70K independently before then I'm assuming Jeff Royle will still donate, which means we might go from 70K to 75K in a matter of hours if both (very very generously) donate as promised. This would be awesome and truly the icing on the cake with a wonderfully dramatic end to the campaign! Bring on the volcano!

      I do hope their contributions are somehow linked to the extra content that will be added (as additional artifacts or side quests, ie, not just the ones they paid for) so that they can be remembered as exemplary heroes of this community effort! (As well as the two other Legend detonators, who deserve special leniency for their artifacts or extra references to them in other minor items.)

      Although each and every one of us who has spread the word, or managed to contribute something all deserve to pat themselves on their back for a job well done! I still can't believe we actually made it!

      (Deleted last comment due to a slight exaggeration of funding, didn't want to mislead anyone).

    3. Not to cause confusion here. I am one of the legendary donator's already that isn't listed, when I made my donation I decided I didn't know enough about indiegogo's profiling to do anything but do the donation anon.

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  11. you guys are awesome. i'm a relatively poor guy, moneywise, but all this inspired me to upgrade my pledge. after all, adom is a really unique game for me, it has unmeasurable value. :D

  12. So, now that the achievements are secured... more ideas:

    Winning Ways -- not quite sure what this should be, but it should have something to do with herbs: "Winning Ways" is a book by Conway, and first popular introduction to his Game of Life the herbs are based on. Perhaps building a "glider" pattern from herbs and let it move for 4 generations?

    Cultural Diversity -- play as a character of each race.

    Jack of All Trades -- play as a character of each class.

    (These can also have much harder versions that require you to WIN as every race or class -- let's say Citizen of the World and Master of All Trades.)

    The Stars Are Right -- play as a character of every star sign.

    Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies -- collapse the dungeon by kicking stairs.

    Aaaargh! -- die on level 50, before you win the game.

    Raw Steel Materials -- accumulate all Raw Steel artifacts

  13. Platinum Girdle achievement, just so we can all die unfulfilled irl.

  14. Is it too late for $25 donors to upgrade to $40? Missed this announcement in the flurry of activity