Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New dialog widgets in ADOM

Hi everyone!

Another milestone has been completed in our quest to simplify the ADOM user interface and make it more accessible for new players: Starting with the next release ADOM is going to use dialog widgets to display meta game information and to input values expected from the PC.

The video below gives a brief demo about how this will look in ASCII mode - graphical mode is still under construction:

Especially in graphical mode players often believed that the game was "hung" when they just had hit an key combination that resulted in some input request and said request was barely noticeable in the message buffer. In the revised implementation the message buffer is only used for actual game information concerning your actions and surroundings and all (most?) meta information is displayed in dialogs.

Next up: Speech bubbles / dialog boxes for conversations to make it easier to follow discussions with NPCs and to reduce irritations about missed message texts from NPCs.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Better direction selection in ADOM

Hi everyone!

As part of our "Ease of Use UI" milestone I am happy to present the new ADOM direction selector in the following video (it is easy to notice, reminds you of which action you currently are trying to execute and lists the keys for selecting a direction in a more mnemonic way):

As usual the NotEye implementation for our graphical mode is upcoming.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Look better in ADOM

Hi everyone!

As part of our "Ease of use UI" milestone we are tackling a variety of issues with ADOM. Today I spent quite a number of hours on completely rewriting 'l'ook mode and by now think that the new look mode has become really nice and beautiful.

We still need to implement it in NotEye but below you can already find a video that shows you the new 'l'ook mode in ADOM:
  • Navigation now adds the ability to iterate through "interesting" spots (e.g. stairs, altars, item stacks and more) besides the existing ability to iterate through monsters and manually navigating the map.
  • The information about the current spot now is displayed in a kind of ASCII information window that collects all information about the current map spot. ADOM tries to position the information window as smartly as possible so that it is close enough to the cursor for easy persual but far enough away in order to not obscure your view.
  • You now can inspect item stacks as long as they are in sight.
  • Monster memory is available as usual.
  • For all types of situations all information now is displayed (e.g. tiles, features, monsters and items).
  • As all information is displayed in an information window the key help for look mode no longer will be obscured and you can see all available keys all the time.
  • The mechanism is easily extendable so that if we decide to add more data we no longer will have problems with lack of space in the message area.
In total I believe that the new look mode really has become pretty beautiful. I'm also looking forward to the NotEye implementation for our graphical mode. Hopefully we will be able to implement true tooltips so that you don't even need to activate look mode explicitly but rather just can hover over the map with the mouse.

And now enjoy the ASCII demo video: