Monday, July 2, 2012

Updates to the ADOM crowd funding campaign

The ADOM crowd funding campaign has started pretty well during lunch today (after a few technical problems that have been resolved by now) - see the current results to your right. More than $2.500 in the first couple of hours and no sign of getting slower for now. I'm curious for tomorrow morning and hope for the very best.

Now I'd like to ask for your help in order to not only enthrall old ADOM fans with the campaign but other people who might only have heard a little bit about ADOM.

There are three things you can do to help (in order of importance):
  1. What do you think is the most interesting video for people trying to understand what ADOM is about? Links would be appreciated (particularly if the originators of said videos are here among us to give me permission to publication). I saw the links suggested by Darren and others yesterday but I'd like you to suggest / vote for the best or most intriguing video out there. Pease help as some things might be underway to give the campaign a much better visibility and then we need to be prepared (much faster than I had ever dreamed of maybe - we'll see).
  2. Would you be willing to participate in a short Skype video interview? Daniel Pharos kindly offered to do some interviews and cut them into a nice short video and we'd love to get answers to questions like "What was the most exciting thing, the most surprising thing, the most memorable thing you experienced in Adom?" If you don't mind doing a short interview via Skype and appearing in a video interview please contact me either here, via Facebook or by mail to creator(at)
  3. If you could provide me with particularly memorable screen shots of in game situations or locations I'd be very grateful. I'd like to post them from time to time as updates to the campaign page.
Thanks so far folks, let's make this a resounding success and let's hope that some of the things currently happening in the background really work out!


  1. Here's an opinion! I suggest making two or three promo videos (1 minute tops) to entice people strange to ADOM and see what it's about. Definite words, straight to the point, and link to the forum AND funding campaign. I also think people would be interested to see an interview to the guy who made it possible, as well as his team (Ok I admit it, I love doing interviews, I am an artist; so sue me ñ.ñ ) . I can also offer translations to spanish, for ADOM made quite a huge impact on people with basic english knowledge, and certainly they would love to heed your word and, who knows, might help spread the word and even donate.

  2. Just a note. You link to your website on your profile page.

    That page gives me a 403 error.

    1. Aargh, thanks. I'll remove it for now. Yet another wordpress problem :-(

  3. I've just been sitting here throughout the day at work, refreshing the funding total! I just have to know where we are!
    It's great to see it steadily rising. I have my fingers crossed for 10% by the end of today, and an extra 10% each day until the end of the campaign!

    Best of luck!

  4. Thomas, you can update
    Adom page with the funding campaign.
    I'm sure many fans are reading it.

    Hint: Hurry up with ADOM II 0.3 because you can reach $48k before publishing it (I relay hope) and you have to work on both projects. :)

  5. I hope it funds soon! I cant wait to pick out my 3 special abilities!

  6. I wish you all the best for your campaign. I hope everything works out. Thumbs up and keep those updates coming. :)

  7. Quick question: when you say screenshots, do you mean you want pictures or text (if you get what I mean). A picture can show all the color and personalizied settings we use, which may or may not be a good thing. But the file sizes would be considerably larger. I have a few of each I could upload. Things like wishes, being surrounded by battle bunnies, etc. Which would you rather?