Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 days of ADOM crowd funding: A status report

The ADOM crowd funding campaign now has been running for 10 days and the results are - as far as I am concerned - totally amazing. You are amazing. Hail to the ADOM tribe!

Let me explain...

In a mere 10 days you have pledged $20.439 (as of the time of this writing) and the power pledge drive #1 for extra corruptions is running at great speed... 8 new corruptions so far have found their way into the guaranteed feature list and we are closing in on the ninth (remember: for every $300 total pledged until the end of Friday 13th one more new corruption will be added to the game).

BTW: I have slightly adjusted the rules as many folks asked and seemed to be confused by the original time limit: Pledges count as long as they are done up to the end "your" Friday 13th - not mine. That seemed to be too confusing.

In total we already have reached 42,58% of an ambitious goal but the great message about that is that the lull in pledging I feared doesn't seem to happen as hard as I feared. I'm curious on how this trend will continue and I guess I have to think about another power pledge drive or two to keep people motivated. I will try to find more treats that could be added without totally overshooting our planned budget.

But for now: KeEp It Up AnD hElP aNdOr DrAkOn To HaVe MoRe Of A fIgHtInG cHaNcE!!! I'm actually quite optimistic about getting over the psychologically important 50% funding goal by the end of the week - let's make it happen!

(and thanks for your continued amazing support - we really appreciate it and are totally awed every day!)


  1. Finally got around to contributing (low funds currently), and we're now less than 10% off another corruption!

    Luckily I got in today rather than tomorrow, don't want to accidentally gain said corruption myself thanks to it being Friday the 13th! There should really be a link to Friday the 13ths and corruptions in the game thanks to this push - there are enough other things linked to the real world date that it shouldn't be too hard.

  2. Well creator, I have been putting off the postcard quest for years. YEARS I tell you!

    I contributed this morning, because you made an awesome game in spite of the bugs and code oddities. I can't wait to see what you can do if you get the chance to polish it! Good luck!

  3. If I could make a suggestion re: corruption - it seems to me that in ADOM there are two sorts of corruption - boring ones that drain one stat in exchange for an increase in another (horns, hooves, etc.), and corruptions that actually change the mechanics of the game. (being to see through walls with antenna, spit acid, teleport randomly, drain wands for power, poison things with your hands, scare and anger monsters with an unholy aura, access a hidden dungeon, etc.) The latter are a big part of why I love ADOM so much - they actually make you stop and change how you're playing the game to cope with/exploit that corruption. In other words, they're tactical features. The stat changing corruptions are strategic - they have some impact, but don't really affect the way you play the game at all.

    So I guess my suggestion (and I realize it takes a lot of time to implement whole new game mechanics) is that you make all of the new corruptions interesting and tactical instead of +x stat -y to hit/damage or whatever.

    1. You're forgetting that +x/-y stat changes (which do have appropriate theme too) *do* change the way you play the game a little. Scales, horns and apish corruptions might do a lot or little depending on your class of cause, but you *do* have to keep in mind what changes you've undergone as some will really throw spanners in your play style.

      Also the antenna is just a mini scroll of magic mapping, teleportitis can be gained from many other sources than corruption (pools, pixies), spitting acid is the Drakeling racial... A lot of the corruptions don't actually change the mechanics of the game in any *new* ways, they're just another source of access to some otherwise hard to obtain affects.

      I agree that the new corruptions should be interesting and evocative, I doubt anyone would disagree with that, but the affects of ChAoS generally will manifest in similar ways. We know that the guy with hooves and a bulging head with horns is corrupted because they're classic disfigurements. So they do have a worthy place, even if mechanically they're a little dull.

  4. Please participate in the corruption discussion here:

    I will refer to that thread and some of my own ideas to select the most interesting ones (which technically are possible). And refer others to the campaign so that we get more corruptions ;-) !

  5. Finally made my own donation. Good luck with the next 50 days!

  6. You'll get my $10 in August when I have $10 to give. It's not much but you've earned it in spades. I wish I were rich instead of born disabled but it's my money and I give you what I can of it.

  7. I've been playing ADOM since 1999, so it's the least I can do =) Keep it up, Thomas!