Monday, July 23, 2012

Announcing power pledge drive #2: Monsters & items

As pledging for the ADOM crowd funding campaign has slowed down to a trickle a new power pledge drive has been announced!

The ADOM crowd funding power pledge drive #2: Monsters & items is all about those! For each $300 collected until the end of July one new item will be added to the next release of ADOM (as of today we start at $22.601... so raise that!). Additionally for every day in which we manage to collect multiple of $1.000 three new monsters will be added to the next release for each such multiple!!! (and if we manage to pass that mark by quite a bit on any given day there will be an additional new monster and item for every $500 past $1.000 on that day)

Example: We raise $2.150 on a single day. That makes for 7 new items ($2.150 divided by $300) plus six new monsters ($2.150 divided by $1.000) plus yet another 2 new monsters and 2 new items (passing $1.000 by $1.150 on a single day, $1.150 divided by $500). Thus pledges of $2.150 on a single day yield a total of 9 new items and 8 new monsters!!!

So how's that? This is your best chance to up the number of items and monsters for the next release by a huge margin (as I had no specific plans for them).

And remember: The campaign needs your help. We still have a long way to go and time is slowly running out! Please spread the word, share the campaign, tweet, blog, post and like it. We need all the public attention we can get and there still must be thousands and thousands of old time ADOM fans out there who yet haven't heard about the campaign - I know, because I meet one or another every day!

Thanks for your continued support!

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