Saturday, July 7, 2012

10% of the ADOM crowd funding campaign are over...

...and the results so far are amazing, you are truly the ADOM tribe! After 10% of the time planned for the campaign to resurrect ADOM development we have reached more then 1/3 of the funding goal. So far we have two legendary backers at the $1.000 level and lots of more lords and heroes. Very very cool! Not too mention that vast number of other supporters. I'm absolutely grateful to you all!

Also the comments and ideas to the various blog posts have been very interesting and help to shape the next version of ADOM.

Please keep up sharing the campaign with others, post, blog and tweet about it! Statistics from Indiegogo indicate that you need to reach even basically interested people seven times on average to get them to pledge - which is far more effort than I would have guessed. Just today I noticed that even some close colleagues and friends of mine (for whom I assumed that would have seen at least one my dozens of Facebook posts on the campaign) had failed to notice it. How much more difficult can it thus be to reach folks to which one is not that closely connected?

So - even though the pledge rate is going down day by day as expected - I hope that we manage to tap much more into the potentially vast unreached pool of former and current ADOM fans.

Jochen and I right now are discussing various things like a built-in tile support (NotEye integration really could be the best option) and I have many ideas for new quests (I guess I already managed the red rooster inn and the scroll of omnipotence somewhere... and volcanoes), I would love to add more courrptions and make the corruption system itself a bit more random but first we need to succeed with the campaign to get to those sweet points. So please continue to help spreading the word! I'm doing my best with upcoming interviews, etc. and there might be a surprise or two to be unveiled during the coming days and weeks but it's a herculean effort to succeed! Keep it up and ADOM will once more shine!

Thanks again for all the wonderful and encouraging support so far - I'm amazed every second about it and really love you all for it!


  1. Simple tip - include a link to the campaign in every blog post about it, preferably in the first few words. Improves chance of people being motivated to follow it, whilst also increasing Google ranking.

    1. There is one, isn't there :-) ?

    2. Heh, weirdly didn't see it. But it's missing from some previous blog posts.