Monday, July 2, 2012

Today is the day... to resurrect ADOM!

After a a lot of discussion and preparation today is the day to throw the dice of Fate and see where they fall: Just seconds ago I activated the crowd funding campaign for resurrecting ADOM development on Indiegogo. Now please: if you ever loved ADOM and/or still love it - go there and pledge to get some of the cool rewards and help ADOM to step into the 21st century. Or at least spread the word! Now is the time!

The campaign will run for a total of 60 days as many fans already indicated that they right now aren't able to pledge as much as they'd like to and since times are pretty tough in many places I hope that the 60 day limit can help.

I also hope that the "Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo" discussion really is moot. My impression during the last days and weeks was that having access to a great community always seemed to be most important, far more than the actual crowd funding platform - and as far as I am concerned the ADOM community is the greatest of them all!

So if you care(d) for ADOM, please
  • pledge as soon as possible. It seems to be highly important for crowd funding campaigns to get a great initial momentum and this also helps in getting featured on the front page of Indiegogo! IMPORTANT UPDATE (3rd of July, 2012):  You can upgrade your pledges later only by talking to me about it and handling this on the sideline (this is official as far as Indiegogo is concerned!), see So there might be  a reason to wait a little bit if you are currently saving up for a higher level.
  • spread the word about the campaign and the link to the campaign. Talk to friends and family, blog, tweet, etc. Share this on Facebook, post on newsgroups and mailing lists and raise as much ruckus as possible to mobilize everyone who ever cared for ADOM and enjoyed playing it. (But don't annoy people ;-) )
I really really really hope that we make the campaign goal (and if we make it that we make it as soon as possible) as the true fun will begin with the planned stretch goals (new races, new classes, new corruptions, new items, new monsters, new artifacts, new quests [dare I say words like Scroll of Omnipotence or Red Rooster Inn]?), the ADOM pen & paper RPG, iPad and Android ports, an extendable and scriptable version of ADOM, more elaborate character generation options and maybe even open sourcing ADOM. And so much more I don't want to talk about right away... So let's have a go at it!


  1. Congrats on the launch---remember it is important to update it at a good pace however the donations go with as interesting a set of updates as you can muster, perhaps weekly or bi-weekly given the campaign length. Team members video interviews, audio sessions, whatever is relevant and adds to it outside of any massive funding surges and a hopeful arrival at the $48K and stretch goals in turn. Gotta keep jumping for the coverage spotlight for the duration as there is no guarantee "what/which" update just may click with folks/places and make a sizable difference.

  2. One thing you might want to change Thomas: the link to "most successful roguelike games ever created" in the first sentence points to So all the search results come up in Dutch(?). It might be better to use as most of the people will be english speakers.

  3. already posted to a gaming community i am visiting occasionally. and to some of my friends. got some donators. good going, lets do this thing, everyone!

  4. markus11 is spamming your indiegogo comments section. He needs to be dealt with, because it *really* makes this crowdfunder look awful and tacky. It's too the point where I wonder if he's doing it on purpose to hurt funding.

  5. I'll put it like this: markus11 had some technical problems with Indiegogo and he's a person that I'm immensely proud of being interested in ADOM.That glitch probably pulled through to the comments or whatever. Let's put it like that: I am very excited about him being interested in the campaign.

    And now you can have fun guessing as my lips are sealed ;-)

    1. Haha, now that ain't subtle at all... I hope he gets that issue sorted soon.