Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Power pledge drive #1 for crowd funding ADOM: Corruptions!

I just announced the first power pledge drive for the ADOM crowd funding campaign: For every $300 that we collect between now and the end of Friday 13th (GMT+1) I am going to add a new corruption to the next release of ADOM.

Spread the word, tell everyone you know who hasn't donated so far, upgrade your pledges and make this the most ChAoTiC release ever!

(I just don't want to imagine making the funding goal... I'd have to invent more than 100 new corruptions :-) )

And now go pledging ;-)


  1. Ah at last encouragement :)

    So far i had positive attitude to this campagin but due to my lazyness i've decided to wait untill very end(say "i have time" :) ). Change of plans : im upgrading right now.

    By the way: do i have to pay for difference between pledge levels or pay full price for new one?)

    1. See the July 7, 2012 post for how to upgrade (pay the difference).