Sunday, July 1, 2012

June in review

Here we are with the latest monthly review.

  • Ad income sunk by 4,3%, page views by 12,7%. Considering the fact that I was away from Internet for the first half of the month and specifically comparing this with the numbers from my last holiday period this year these numbers are frisking great as they indicate that we actually probably grew by something like 80% or so.
  • After the flurry of releases in May there was no new release of ADOM II in June. But I'm working hard on ADOM II 0.3.0.
  • Krys is working on the final designs for the new main screen of ADOM II and he already supplied fantastic splash screen designs and a wonderful idea to make even the game start a very interesting experience.
  • We have found a helping hand trying to finish the new blogger template with the results from the ADOM II design competition. Keep your thumbs pressed ;-)
  • Oneiros is finalizing his first set of compositions.
  • I still need to integrate both sound and graphics into ADOM II 0.3.0, which probably will take me another week of real time. I also failed to tackle the new installer so far.
  • But I did work a lot on the new ranged combat system that will be introduced with ADOM II 0.3.0 and I love it. It has a lot more flesh than ADOM's ranged combat although the whole 0.3.x release series still will need many interesting additions after the initial release. I'm happy with the progress on that front.
  • The ADOM: The Resurrection Indiegogo crowd funding campaign was prepared. Although there was a lot of discussion about the funding goals I already am learning that - for a correct business calculation - I forgot to add certain time investments to my calculation. The last three days probably were almost completely consumed by preparing the campaign. Which is not that much effort compared what we'd have ahead of us if the campaign succeeds but still I did not figure it in. These minor mistakes tend to add up. I'll report once the campaign is running.
That's the summary for June. July promises to become a very interesting month :-)


  1. Just a quick question for Thomas Biscuit about the total amount for the crowdfunding campaign. How do you expect the campaign to do, seeing as other indie gaming projects have trouble making their quotas in the single-digit-thousands range?

    Additionally, if we can't crowdfund the full $48,000, are you considering remaking the crowdfund campaign targeting at a smaller, more attainable funding goal?

    Thanks, I have been playing ADOM for years, and it kept me company on internet-less military deployments in my free time. Keep up the good work, and I'll be watching this closely!

  2. I have no idea what to expect, honestly. I see that games like Cult on Kickstarter get a surprisingly high amount of money for just being a demo (as far as I can see - which should not sound derogatory... it's a cool demo and I wish 'em all the best) and I guess it all depends if enough ADOM fans willing and able to pledge remain. I view this as an interesting experiment to determine the true size of the fan base as I so far only have subjective impressions and the numbers from 10 years ago (which were amazing... but 10 years is a very long time).

    As I said somewhere in the funding description I'm not interested in milking the community but in doing a good job at an appropriate (which means: at least fair) return (there's that time-money thing again). If the campaign doesn't work out Jochen and I will continue to work on our iPad pet project and release a new ADOM version for iPad. After a while the other systems probably will follow but then we'll focus just on the fixes that are truly important to us and leave the rest as is. There also wouldn't be any additions or changes. And it will take _much_ longer.

    There are no real plans beyond the campaign for now.