Friday, July 13, 2012

The final hours... of power pledge drive #1: Corruptions

So it's Friday, 13th, my lucky day :-) And we are running the final day of power pledge drive #1 (Corruptions!) in the ADOM crowd funding campaign. Let me summarize:

  • For every $300 collected over $17.822 one new corruption will be added to the next release of ADOM.
  • So far we have collected enough pledges to add nine (9!) new corruptions to the game and we are only $13 short of the tenth ($20.809 total as the time of this writing)!
  • This plower pledge drive ends when todays Friday 13th ends - so if you wanted to pledge or increase your pledge now is your chance to help adding fun new corruptions to the game!
See this thread here for many cool corruption ideas that will serve as an inspiration for the corruptions to be added!

Now I'm going to hold my breath to see if we manage to pass the 50% funding mark by the end of the day (yet another ambitious goal for today, I know, but I still believe we can make it!).


  1. I get that new corruptions are probably much easier to add than new quests, but since quests received twice as many votes in your poll, shouldn't we at least get a mention of them?

    1. To expound on that, ADOM always felt to me like it tried to be bigger than it actually was. The first time you ever play the game, you head down to Terinyo, and you're confronted with a wealth of possibilities. The sheriff wants you to hunt down an outlaw. The druid wants you to kill a rival. The village elder wants you to find a missing carpenter. A little girl has lost her dog and a baby water dragon has lost its mom.


      Then you realize that these quests are incredibly dangerous. Can't avoid the ants in the dog quest? Guess that pup's going to die. Trying to get stronger to kill Kranach? Too bad, the quest expires at level 6. Going after Keethrex is risky, and you can forget about Blup until the late game.

      In other words, instead of the plethora of quests that seem available, a game probably consists of saving Yriggs and moving along to the Caverns of Chaos. After that, say goodbye to quests until the Pyramid or the Dwarven city. The game becomes a simple dungeonhack.

      The ADOM Guidebook lists 31 quests total, which sounds like a lot until you realize that several of them are mutually exclusive or redundant (probably knocking it down to 25). In other words, there's one quest for every two experience levels, and that's if you do them ALL. Given the exponentially increasing time between levels, that leaves a LOT of game that's just monster killing.

      My claim about ADOM trying to be bigger than it actually is refers to other aspects of the game too, but that's outside the scope of this post. I guess I'm just trying to say, give us more quests!

    2. :-)

      Quests are a stretch goal. They never were easy to add and they are a lot more difficult to add after not fiddling with the somewhat convoluted source code within ten years.

      If we manage to pass the the funding goal, quests probably will be the first stretch goal (besides the new races and classes... maybe I'll also put up another vote) between those two, but it's near impossible to add any meaningful and fun quests within the calculation of our original budget... as sad as that is.

      The corruptions basically are on top of the original budget as they are much simpler to add.

    3. Good to hear. :)

      And please don't take my post as a strike against ADOM. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't be following you and I wouldn't be donating. I'm just trying to say that there's plenty of room for a "fuller" experience, that's all.

    4. I think most quests aren't actually all that compelling myself. Many of them are simple fetch or slay quests, and though they add nice flavour one stops reading the descriptions after a few playthroughs. I'd much rather a large amount of meaningful content (corruptions, items, monsters, classes) be added than a large portion of Thomas' time be dedicated to getting 1 or 2 quests in. Yes, more quests would be undisputedly nice, but if it's 1 quest vs 10 corruptions then screw quests :P

  2. Awsome! i love the fact that you are working on the original adom again. I'm a 14 RetroGeek (retro thanks to my dad) and i've been exploring some of my childhood, and my dad's childhood games and i've seen they are now lost.

    But Adom remains! i have already converted some of my friends to join the ADOM community, and I will continue trying to show this to my generation. I think Adom is great, but many don't like because "it doesn't have graphics". ADOM has the great thing of giving wings to your mind.
    I think it's my quest to give glory and fame to ADOM by showing it to our community. (also, i already pledged 25 on indiegogo :D)

    By the way, anyone has 9GAG? i could post something about adom there, and you could help me by liking it and get to the hot page.

    Oh, i forgot. my sugestion to new ADOM is, less normal dull dungeon, more awsome new places to explore! And more race civilizations!
    (if bad idea, just consider I said "more dungeon features!")

  3. To commemorate this day, could you make a player starting the game on 13th of July start the game with one of the newly-added corruptions, randomly chosen? :)