Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April in review

Here we go with the monthly review: In a summary April was an unexpectedly slow month for ADOM II.

When looking at April in more detail...

  • ad income was abysmal (about 57% of what was earned in March). Maybe not too surprising considering the slower pace but considering the fact that April saw just one less blog post than March this hit me quite a bit. So much for the dreams of ruling the world with ad income ;-)
  • I was off on holiday in South Africa for the first two weeks (almost) which slowed down development quite a bit but helped to recover energy and regenerate my power cells.
  • I was sick for more than a week which completely stopped development. Worst cold I have had in many years and complete unplanned.
  • I lost one more week working on our holiday foots (which was amazing fun due to the awesome pictures we shot but didn't help ADOM II either).
  • ADOM II 0.2.4 as a consequence still has not been released.
I'm working feverishly now to remedy this but it's clear that my original hope of having a feature complete  ADOM II for my birthday ready is a dream. I just don't have enough time to uphold the required speed -hopefully a successful Indiegogo campaign will change that by allowing my to "buy" more time for ADOM II. Plans are progressing.

Otherwise I'm right now walking once more through the issue list on the website to fix all the remaining glaring, critical or trivial things (those being fixed in a matter of minutes). Hopefully by tomorrow I all be able to do some more test games and then just release.

Future releases definitely will be much smaller and currently I intend to do one more bug fix release before starting on ADOM II 0.3.x (major features for 0.3.x: missile combat, sounds, new graphic design for the UI of the main screen, new logo, new monsters, new items).


  1. Looks good! Glad you had fun in S. Africa, I'm sure the fan base realizes that it's just as important to enjoy "real life" as it is to enjoy the world of Ancardia. Remember, a happy creator makes a better game.

  2. Oh ya! and can't wait for missile weapons! Damn undead are too scary without them... Any chance to find secret gnome city with black powder weapons?

  3. I can honestly say that just the fact that you are still working on ADOM II and have concrete plans is enough to keep me happy. You need to remember to have fun with life and take care of all the wrinkles it throws at you. We can wait. :)