Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Request for music... kind of :-)

Hi everyone! The tireless master bard Lucas Dieguez has provided my with a couple of short tunes (in addition to his longer compositions) for special situations in ADOM II:
  • when gaining a level
  • when gaining something special (like a new class power)
  • when entering a haunted level (let yourself be surprised ;-) )
The question now is...
What other situations can you think of that might make great use of a short tune? Please post your suggestions, Lucas and I are very curious!


  1. Already working on:

    - Short tune when finding a Vault (extremely contemporary, you will all hate it ñ.ñ )

    - Short tune when findinf a trap

    - Short tune when affected by Corruption

    - Long tune when Bleeding

    Please let me know of anything else you can think of. Thanks all!

  2. - death
    - poisoned
    - enemy drops an artifact
    - stats go up
    - stats go down

  3. very simply when arriving in a city/village.

    walking in the moon (oops....) or wildering.

    fighting against an army

    market in a shop (or better, instead of "you hear the sound of a cash maching", having a dedicated music for shops which increase or fade depending our position between the shop)

    and yes, when the screen start to be very red, doing like Tetris, a "speed" music, or better a stress music, variation (or variations) of the standard music.

  4. - Death of a companion.
    - Trying to remove an item and finding out (for the first time) that it is cursed.
    - Getting shipwrecked due to a storm, maelstrom, or whatever that can happen in the sea.
    - Being noticed in an unlawful act (such as robbing a shop) and being pursued by shopkeepers/guards/citizens/etc.
    - Killing a boss (the equivalents of the ACW, the Archmage, etc.)

  5. blues for when you get drunk
    dueling banjos when running from a shop owner
    funny bumbling music when you over eat

  6. Getting knocked down to 1 HP.
    Opening a greater vault (check out how Dungeons of Dredmor does Monster Zoos)
    Returning back to life from amulet of life saving (or similar)
    Encountering special bosses

  7. Can you please try not to spoil? :(

    By the way, 'll give some suggestions too:
    - finding a mimic! Argh! MIMICS!
    - getting a quest.
    - door traps
    - items getting destroied.
    - Saving the game.
    - getting messages from a god.
    - maybe a mysterious tune when you find a secret dungeon.

  8. We absolutely need tunes for both forge rooms and altar rooms. And it would be really awesome if every pantheon would have it's own "theme song", like something happy and joyful for the hurthling pantheon and some epic tribal war drums for the orc gods.

    1. On a related note, one thing I always liked about japanese RPGs was that nearly all of them had some kind of "sleep music". Remember Final Fantasy I? Once you went into an inn to rest, you got this nice jingle and off you went afterwards. May be a bit difficult to do, since in ADOM resting is turn-based, but maybe later down the road we'll see a "rest until healed" command, and THEN we could have that sleepy tune :)

  9. Excellent feedback guys. I'm definitely use quite a few of your ideas, though some of them I will "group" in two or three tunes for "general events of X type", for the sake of keeping it sizable and manageable (we don't want Thomas to have a seizure :P ) .