Saturday, May 19, 2012

ADOM II 0.2.7 has been released

I'm happy to announce the release of ADOM II 0.2.7. It has been 13 days since the last release and maybe this number will prove to be a lucky one. Again I fixed many bugs and worked on some balance issues. Additionally I added some minor details to the game. I really hope that no more major bugs will pop up as I'd really one to start working on ADOM II 0.3.0 - but that only makes sense if the current release track finally is stable enough. I actually played this release many hours and did not encounter any more bugs - which doesn't mean anything but at least I'm hopeful ;-)

Below you will find the detailed list of changes:

* Professions in the statistics display now are sorted alphabetically. Additionally the main profession now is
  marked with an asterisk.
* Enhanced the difficulty of wielding two weapons.
* Changed the message buffer display so that the latest entries are at the bottom. Additionally the
  display will start with its display at the bottom.
* Addd automated tests to ADOM II (not that you are going to notice when playing except maybe by
  encountering a bug or two less). The tests are not very far ranging right now though.
* Removed the dynamic danger level scaling of dungeon levels (RFE 998). Danger levels now
  only can be based due to story influences, not by getting more experienced.
* Added better margins to the display areas.
* Adjusted an area description.
* Natural attacks no longer are modified by negative strength modifiers.
* Finally fixed foreign keyboard layout problems (issue 347).
* Fixed silent sales refusals (issue 965; maybe already got fixed on the way to ADOM II 0.2.6).
* Fixed a food consumption problem (760).
* Fixed a murderous bug in distance calculation (issues 349, 975).
* Fixed a problem with dropping sets of items (which also wreaked havoc when picking up more than
  one item at a time). (issue 988, 1009, 1044, 1047)
* Fixed the "remote melee attack" bug (issue 991).
* Fixed yet another crash bug when trying to remove items from the inventory of killed beings (issue 992).
* Fixed the new critical hit rules (issue 993).
* Fixed climbing for low mountains (issue 994).
* Fixed summoning powers (they didn't cost enough power points) (issue 997).
* Rewrote parts of the map switching code which should fix some more obscure problems (e.g. issue 999).
* Fixed problems with item list errors when monsters got killed (issues 1005, 1035, 1037, 1041).
* Fixed a problem with auto-cursing items (issue 1006).
* Improved the handling of key bindings when mapping errors occur (issue 1007). ADOM II now tries to restore the bindings to the
  'ADOM II' bindings.
* Fixed a missing dictionary entry (issue 1008).
* Fixed excessive area attacks of monsters (issue 1010).
* Adjusted nutrition values for tiny, small and medium beings (issue 1012).
* Fixed a position problem while switching levels (issue 1015).
* Fixed negative damage ratings for beings (issue 1017).
* Implemented colored messages for summoned monsters (issue 1018).
* Fixed the missing 'Y' input opportunity for confirmation questions (issue 1022).
* Fixed a problem with the rumor based chat code (issues 1023, 1034).
* Fixed a rare crash bug in undead creation that probably also should influence monster deaths (issue 1029).
* Fixed scrolls of dark prediction (issue 1030).
* Fixed encounter distances for ambushes (issue 1031).
* Fixed a problem with ambushes on the Fnuk Level (issue 1032).
* Increased the frequency of scrolls of identify and potions of water (issue 1036).
* Fixed repetitive level messages (issue 1040).
* Fixed a missing dictionary entry (issue 1043).
* Fixed a problem with random monster generation (issue 1045).
* Fixed a problem with hunger calculation when using artifacts (issue 1049).
* Fixed a grammar problem with attack types (issue 1051).
* Fixed the incorrect plural of loin clothes.
* Fixed missing issues from the credits.
* Fixed various boots that missed a material type.
* Fixed kick damage modifying circumstances (kick attacks were calculated once and never changed).
* Fixed a special message area on the final level of the Fnuk dungeon.

Enjoy the release of ADOM II 0.2.7!


  1. Thank you, Thomas! Your hard work is much appreciated. Good thing I just put my son to sleep, cuz now I have some time to take this release for a spin.

  2. Nice assortment, now we get to see how things get updated on the DevState page to further stoke the appetites---heh, it is still talkin' bout 0.2.4!

  3. And on my birthday, no less! I shall spend much of the day on this... thank you kindly!

  4. Had some nice moments playing 0.2.7 already. Today my lvl9 human monk was smashed to pieces by 2 trolls. man do they hit hard :)

  5. Excuse the stupid question, but where can I find the bug reports?