Thursday, May 3, 2012

Excerpt from the soundtrack for ADOM II

I am very proud to be able to post a link to the first musical composition by Lucas Dieguez for ADOM II. Lucas has been working for weeks and weeks on various musical scores for ADOM II and I personally am totally in love with them.

Starting with the 0.3.x development line of ADOM II these compositions will be integrated into ADOM II. There will be pieces for specific locations, special events and sometimes just as indicators for certain background "things" - let yourself be surprised.

The first piece now available is the "Battle March", inspired by the army functionalities that have been added to ADOM II 0.2.4.


Lucas is an immensely dynamic and creative musician. His varied interests include creating soundtracks for games - so if you have a need he might be the guy to hire ;-) Here's another sample of his work - I'm looking forward to be able to present the next pieces (which I already was able to preview - wonderful stuff... I totally cherish the Terinyo theme among others).


  1. Very nice! Does a great job at setting the mood, you can feel the direness of the situation from the music

  2. It sounds like it is heavily inspired from 16bit computer game era. Games like Shining Force.

  3. Epic. I don't know why, but somehow it makes me think of Ultima. I hope that's a good thing.

  4. Yeah, this bodes very well for .3.x having a strong opening indeed to showcase quality from all angles being invested and such that the Deluxe edition is worthwhile. Well done official music integrated into a game ALWAYS helps, commercially and otherwise.

  5. Thanks for comments! Haven't really had time to play games in a while, but I did play A LOT of Shining Force when I was younger, so it may very well be a style influence. Keep the feedback coming guys! :)

  6. EPIC. Seriously, I really love it.

    It also reminds me of great old-school console battle marches like this:

  7. Sounds pretty good.
    Kinda reminds me of FF.