Friday, May 18, 2012

Progress report on ADOM II 0.2.7

The next release is near. I have two minor bugs left that I'd like to investigate and I need a couple of hours of testing, but so far things look very well. I hope to release 0.2.7 on either Friday (yeah, today, German time) or on Saturday. Wish me luck while testing - 0.2.7 should be a very nice release.
0.2.7 will not yet have an installer based setup as that would take another day or three and I'd prefer to release a new version as many many more bugs have been fixed and I hope to stabilize the 0.2.x line.

That's my prerequisite for starting development on 0.3.x and for now the major features planned for 0.3.0 are the following ones:
Thus I'd expect to need at least four weeks for ADOM II 0.3.0, despite "release early, release often" ;-)


  1. Looks like things are indeed heating up nicely for the Summer for ADOM II and the growing number of fellow travelers alongside! Can we expect the return of teaser videos in the month or so run up to 0.3.0?