Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What systems do you play ADOM II on?

As I am preparing to finally use the Bitrock Installbuilder for future versions of ADOM II I would like to get some quick feedback about what kinds of system you are using to play ADOM II on.

The Bitrock Installbuilder version for which I got a free license from the great folks at Bitrock covers the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms - so that's what I'm going for right now. I have yet to decide whether to keep up Java Web Start for other platforms. Right now I'd prefer to get away with it since it's once more much harder to maintain two deployment variants than just one.

So tell me: What systems other than Windows, Mac or Linux are you using?


  1. Systems OTHER than Windows, Mac, or Linux? Are there such things?

    (I'm on Windows 7 x64, BTW.)

    1. I got one FreeBSD request... although for ADOM Classic...

    2. I once tried to get adom classic running on FreeBSD with linux compatibility libraries but failed XD

  2. I play ADOM on windows and Macintosh.

  3. I just realised this morning, that if you make ADOM 2 an installer only, I won't be able to install it my work computer as I don't have admin access.

    The java thingy lets me play it while at work ;)