Sunday, May 20, 2012

ADOM II 0.2.8 has been released!

Although I originally intended to start working on ADOM II 0.3.0 today one more game breaker has shown up. As I do not like to have such bugs out in the open I fixed that one and added another couple of enhancements to the game. How's that for "release early, release often" ;-) ? I hereby declare my way of developing to have changed successfully.

So without further distractions here's the latest list of changes to the game:

* Added 'I' as a command to display the stuff list directly (RFE 1065).
* Fixed a problem with ability propagation from the environment (issue 1000).
* Fixed the deadliness of violent retching (somewhat) (issue 1054).
* Fixed the wording for touch attacks (issue 1056).
* Improved the speech of the wizened old man (issue 1057).
* Fixed a typo with great swords (issue 1058).
* Fixed some of the level scaling for dungeons (issue 1059).
* Fixed a problem with item filtering (issue 1060).
* Fixed a grammar problem when detecting item statuses (issue 1063).
* Fixed a problem with racial subtypes (issue 1064).
* Fixed the description of cave tigers (issue 1067).
* Fixed a problem with beings failing to switch a level due to crowded space (issue 1068).
* Reduced the frequency of gauntlets of peace.
* Fixed a problem with crafts being unable to travel through normal water.

Download ADOM II 0.2.8 and enjoy!

P.S.: Hopefully there are no more game breaking problems left... I really am itching to start ADOM II 0.3.0 development!

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