Friday, December 28, 2012

ADOM II 0.3.1 released!

I'm happy to announce the release of ADOM II 0.3.1. As a Christmas gift to myself I decided to work on ADOM II for a couple of days and it has been a nice change of pace compared to ADOM Classic. ADOM Classic is a mountain of detail and content with a somewhat arcane, baroque copy&paste C-based API. ADOM II is a youthful and brash re-imagination of the game, still with a serious lack as far as content goes but with an incredible promise for the future (as far as I am concerned). And a wonderful architecture and API that I'm so much looking forward to to toy with extensively.
But back to ADOM II 0.3.1: The recent 0.3.0 release has been plagued by various bugs, most prominently in the sound area. I have adjusted the internal audio manager to hopefully cope with all these problems. Sadly I right now can test only on Mac / OS X and on that platform everything has been running perfectly in 0.3.0 :-) So if new problems arise I'll do an ultra-quick 0.3.2 release to fix those before returning to ADOM Classic.

Here's the complete list of changes:
  • Updated the credits (sorry, folks, for being late!).
  • Enhanced the error information in the error dialog with an internal diagnosis protocol.
  • Added a means to turn rocks into stone sling bullets.
  • Added (de)activation of immersive window mode to the context/configuration menu (issue 1557). 
  • Added "w_" command to walk to the nearest known altar (RFE 1559).
  • Fixed an excessive dot in the forge description.
  • Fixed a problem with the reduced missile breakage professional ability which accidentally increased the chances of missiles breaking when hitting something. Doh!
  • Fixed a problem with looking at secret doors (issue 1192).
  • Fixed (added) damage for being thrown into objects (issue 1193).
  • Fixed shopkeepers losing readable items (issue 1194).
  • Fixed various typos (issue 1205).
  • Fixed the composition of wooden walls (issue 1207).
  • Fixed excessive SPACE handling (issue 1542).
  • Fixed a sound panning problem (issues 1543, 1545).
  • Fixed a problem unequipping missile weapons (issue 1547).
  • Fixed a typo in the beginner screen (issue 1548).
  • Fixed starting equipment for hurthling and hill dwarven archers (issue 1550).
  • Fixed the starting equipment for trollish archers, barbarians and commoners (issue 1551). 
  • Fixed a problem with entering positions that contained a "killing shot" (issue 1552).
  • Fixed a problem with attribute wasting (issue 1553).
  • Fixed a summoning impression (issue 1554).
  • Fixed a summoning message (issue 1555).
  • Fixed the hint concerning saving and quitting (issue 1562).
  • Fixed a problem with processing map features (trees in the example, issue 1564).
  • Fixed a problem with "Detect Item Status" in conjunction with gold (issue 1567).
  • Fixed a problem with item conversion (issue 1570).

Oh, BTW, it's still time to vote ADOM or ADOM II to be the Roguelike of the Year 2012.

P.S.: Yes, still no Installer. Still Java WebStart. This seems to become an endless quest. But seriously: I'm very happy to have found a couple of hours during Christmas days to work on all the stuff above and there just wasn't enough time to learn everything about the Installer. If there are no more brutal bugs, it's next on my list for ADOM II, promise!


  1. So awesome that you are still putting some time into ADOM 2. I was honestly worried it was going to be put on the back burner again for quite some time, but obviously you have addressed that concern and then some. Thanks so much, Thomas! Appreciate all the hard work you put into these awesome games!

  2. Thanks a lot. I just hope I can keep up the pace - it's not trivial given the existence of real life ;-)